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Caring for my daughter

2022-11-13 20:36:15

I’m processing what happened yesterday. I’m totally out of my comfort zone. Dealing with nudity is not my strength. Somehow I always mange to sexualize it. My daughter Ava and her mom Debbie, my late partner, used to go to nude beaches to get perfect tans without lines. It didn’t bother them. “It’s natural. It’s just a human body. Everyone’s got one,” are things Debbie used to say. Ava didn’t seem to be bothered by nudity either probably due to Debbie’s positive influence. I’m not really bothered by nudity either the problem is just that I get sexually aroused when I see attractive, nude female features. I can’t switch that off.

I’ve tried going to the nudist beach with Debbie and Ava but I didn’t like it. Seeing Debbie’s full breasts and the beautiful shape of her body in broad daylight – I couldn’t help but think back about all the fantastic sex we had. And worst of it all Ava my own daughter looked like the younger, hotter version of Debbie. I really didn’t want to be exposed to her gorgeous young, nude body. I found myself struggling not to get aroused by the nudity. It didn’t take long and I had to start lying on my belly to hide my excitement. I found that too embarrassing and stopped going to nudist beaches. Because of that Debbie and Ava sometimes made fun of me and called me prudish and uptight.

Ava was quite comfortable being nude around me yesterday when I gave her a bed-bath, but I couldn’t help but notice that she got aroused by it. I am surprised by that. That’s the last thing I expected, her being a nudist. Shouldn’t she be used to nudity and therefore not get aroused? A thought is hitting me: It’s been over a week since the accident. She’s not able to touch herself due to the splint. She’s probably not able to masturbate either. Maybe that’s the reason why she got aroused by me washing her with a wet towel?

Her mom Debbie had an unusually high sex drive. She used to masturbate daily and then had sex with me in addition to that several times a week. What if Ava is coming after her mom? That could be an explanation. But yet, it doesn’t improve the situation. I wonder if Ava and maybe even Debbie got turned on by their nudism. Maybe it just wasn’t that obvious because they’re female? So many thoughts are circling in my head. I’m an emotional mess. Dealing with the loss of Debbie is already too much for me. Having to care for Ava, even if it’s just temporary, is totally overloading me. I don’t have any solutions. All I know is that I have to press on, one day at a time. I’m trying to use a mantra: It’s nothing sexual. I keep repeating it in my head.

I’m entering Ava’s room to serve her breakfast. “Morning darling, hungry?” Ava is lying on her back, still fully nude, covered by the thin white bed-sheet. “Hm?” Ava is vocalizing turning her head towards me squinting her eyes. “Time to rise!” I’m opening the curtains and daylight is streaming into Ava’s room. Ava is opening her mouth yawning: “It was good to sleep in my own bed. I’m so glad I’m out of hospital!” “I’m glad you slept well, darling. I’ll sit you up for breakfast, ok?” “Alright, dad.” While I’m sitting her up, the linen slips off her upper body revealing her full breasts. The view hits me like and electric shock. She’s way too beautiful! I’m tucking in the linen around her upper body, covering her up. “Sorry darling for the slip.” “Don’t worry dad, you should know by now that I’m comfortable with nudity.”

I’m feeding Ava breakfast in her bed. We’ve both got a full tummy now and I’m about to get out of her room as I’m hearing Ava say: “Dad?” “Yes, darling?” “Um…” Ava is pausing. I’m waiting for a few moments. She’s gazing down, her face is flushing slightly. I’m putting an arm on her shoulder: “Don’t be embarrassed, honey. What is it?” “Um… this is so embarrassing! I really hate this whole situation, you know that, dad?” “M-hm.” “I’ve got this issue. I could normally easily take care of it myself, but now…” “I understand. Out with it!”

“Alright. I’m itchy in my armpits. I think it’s the hair which is growing out. I’m not used to it. I normally shave it. Would you mind…?” “Sure honey, I will manage.” I’m thinking for a moment: “Do you have your shaver here?” “No, it’s back at my college dorm.” “I can use my electric clipper if you don’t mind? It’s water-proof so I can wash it thoroughly for hygienic reasons.” “Sure, that will do.” I’m grabbing the clipper, rinse it and return to Ava. “Alright, beauty treatment coming up! Lift your arm, Milady.” I’m trying to sound cheerful. Finally, a task I feel confident with. I’ve shaved my own armpits with this clipper before. Should be easy.

Ava manages to lift her arm just a tiny bit – her braces are in the way. But still I’m able to access her pit with the shaver. Her arm is so petite! I’m switching the clipper on and it starts buzzing. Ava’s hair isn’t too long. I’m running the clipper from the bottom to the top, careful not to cut her. Ava giggles: “Tickly!” I’m smirking a little: “Done, check it out!” “I can’t see!” “Oh…” “Can you run your fingers over it? That way I’ll feel how long the hair is.” “Um, ok, if you want to, darling.” I’m running my fingers over her armpit. I can feel some soft, short stubbles beneath my fingers. I’m pushing them against Ava’s skin. I’m asking: “Do you feel anything?” “Yeah, there is still some stubble, right?” “Yeah. This clipper leaves a short stubble.” I’m thinking for a moment: “Do you want me to get my electric groomer? It has a foil head which is made to shave stubble, making it super short? It’s almost as good as razor-shaving.” “Oh, that would be perfect, dad!”

I’m returning with the groomer. It too is water proof and I’ve just rinsed it. I’m switching it on and it’s buzzing. I’m running it over Ava’s armpits several times and the dark shadow of stubbly hair is disappearing, leaving her arm pit soft and in the color of her skin. “This is looking good, darling!” “Can you run your fingers over it?” “OK” I’m running my fingers over her armpit. It is as smooth as the surrounding skin. “Feel any stubble?” I’m asking her. “Nope, nothing! Thank you so much dad!” “My pleasure!” I’m happy. Finally a task I’ve mastered confidently.

I’m repeating the whole process on her other armpit and announce with a smile: “Milady is officially groomed!” “Thanks dad! Let me give you a squeeze!” I’m lowering my upper body towards hers and I’m placing my head next to hers. Her arms’ mobility is impaired by the splints, so I’m moving my hands below her back and give her a squeeze. I completely forgot that she’s naked underneath the thin sheet covering her. Her soft breasts are pushing against my chest. They feel wonderful. I don’t like that! She’s my daughter! As I’m instinctively pulling back she’s giving me a peck on my cheek.

“So, any other wishes Milady?” Apart from unintentionally feeling my daughter’s breasts just now, this day has been good. I managed to execute my carer’s tasks well and I’m in a good mood. Ava’s face is blushing slightly. She’s opening her mouth a little and hesitating briefly, then: “Um… yes actually, since you’re asking, dad. My body hair has been growing out and the armpits aren’t the only part which started itching.” I’m tensing up immediately. I’m thinking: Oh no, I hope this is isn’t- My thoughts are interrupted by Ava: “Would you mind also quickly shaving me down there?” Ava is gazing down between her legs. I’m trying to hide my shock and reply casually: “Sure, no problem.”

I’m repeating in my thoughts: “You can do this. Nothing sexual. Just her pussy. Just shave her. It’s normal. It’s natural.” My heart is racing. I’m removing the white sheet from the lower half of her body, exposing her pussy and legs. I’m leaving her breasts and upper body covered. The hair is about as long as her armpits’ hair was. It’s dark and creating a shadow around her private area. “I’ll use the clipper first and then I’ll clean up with the groomer, ok?” “Sure dad, thanks!” I’m spreading her legs a little, revealing a perfect view of her pussy and butthole beneath. Her clit is hidden under her hood and her pussy is dry. I’m happy. Nothing sexual. Just shave her.

I’m switching on the buzzer and attempt to shave her on one side, starting with the outer lip. I’m doing fine for a short time, but then the skin folds and gets caught in the clipper. A tiny red dot of blood appears on her outer lip. “Ouch! Dad! What are you doing?” “I’m sorry, honey!” I’m shocked. I’m such an idiot, I forgot to stretch her skin. As if she was reading my thoughts I’m hearing: “You need to stretch the skin so that there won’t be any folds.” “Sure.” I’m placing a finger on her outer lip and start stretching her skin. Her inner lips part a little and I’m looking inside her opening. It’s pink and glistening slightly. “No, dad, not like this!” I’m moving my finger up a little higher on her outer lip and start stretching her skin again. Now her hood is retracting and her clit is showing.

“No dad, not like this! Let me guide you! Can you remove the sheet from my upper body? I can’t see!” “Alright,” I’m mumbling. I’m so embarrassed. I should never have to do this task on my daughter. It’s just wrong. I’m removing the sheet and Ava lies now before me, fully nude, with spread legs. Her face appears above her full breasts. She’s looking down and guides me: “Put your finger higher, yes here. Then stretch that way. Yes!” I’m switching the buzzer on and start shaving. This time it works. No more skin folds. I’m removing her hair towards her belly, around her inner thighs, working my way slowly towards her outer lips. Nothing sexual. Just keep cutting.

I’ve been so focussed on my work that only now I realize that her inner lips are glistening. A drop of liquid has accumulated at the bottom of her opening, starting to flow down into her butthole. Her clit is now somewhat enlarged, pink and protruding slightly under her hood. I’m trying to ignore it, and keep repeating the mantra: Nothing sexual, I’m just cutting her hair. I’m working my way up her outer lip, from the bottom towards the top. As I’m reaching the area near her clit, she’s contracting her pussy and asshole briefly. She has stopped giving me instructions. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is half open. Her belly is rising and sinking more rapidly than before. The drop of liquid at the bottom of her opening has flown over her asshole and onward into her butt crack. More liquid has accumulated at the bottom of her opening. Her inner lips are wet and glistening.

As I’m shaving her, her inner lips part and a small amount of liquid flows out, creating a strand across her opening. I’m done on one side and move on to the other outer lip. I’m starting at the bottom, moving up slowly. As I’m stretching her skin, I’m exposing her clit, now pink and enlarged. I keep ignoring it: Nothing sexual, I’m just cutting her hair. I’m moving further up until only hair in the part towards the center of her pussy remains, close to her clit. Almost there! I can get this over with in no time! As I’m placing the buzzing clipper on her hood to initiate the first upwards motion, her legs twitch slightly and again she briefly contracts her pussy and asshole. One upwards stroke done. I’m removing a portion of her hair in the center. Almost done, just a few more strokes.

As I’m initiating the next stroke, the buzzer accidentally brushes her clit. Her hip twitches and again she contracts her opening and butthole. Almost done, just one more careful stroke, then I’ll be done with the clipper. I’m gently placing the clipper on her hood, careful not to apply too much pressure. As I’m about to start the upward motion Ava raises her hips ever so slightly, pushing her clit against the vibrating head of the clipper.

Her asshole and pussy stay contracted for a few moments, then start twitching and contracting rhythmically. Again and again and again. Her belly is lifting and lowering in spasmic motions and her breasts are shivering like jelly, topped by her nipples which look hard. I’m trying to ignore that her pussy keeps contracting. Her inner lips and her opening are covered by a translucent white-ish liquid. The liquid has by now flown down over her asshole between her round, full butt cheeks and stained the bedsheet below in a translucent puddle.

I just keep going, finishing off a few outlying areas of hair around her belly and inner thighs. Nothing sexual. I’m just cutting her hair. She’s still contracting but the time in between twitches is getting longer and longer. Finally, she’s relaxing her body, exhaling deeply and spreading her legs even further. A content expression appears on her face topped off by a gratified smile. My phone is buzzing. It is my boss. I’m quickly cleaning Ava up with a towel and covering her with the sheet. “Sorry honey, I’ve got to attend an online meeting. We’ll finish this another time. Ok?” Ava nods “Sure dad.”

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

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