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L. Kay pt3 the end of her vacation

2022-10-06 00:10:23

Today was another beautiful sunny day here at the Knights Inn in Florida City. The weather has been perfect for our second honeymoon vacation. I haven’t had so much sex since I was in college and met up with Tommy. That was a couple of years before I met Cal. Today, or I should say, tonight we were planning to go through with our fantasy erotic massage scenario. I was to get a sexual massage while Cal looked on.

Watching me get an erotic massage was a long time fantasy of Cal’s. The thought of me getting turned on and prodded with who knows what, always got Cal excited. He loved me as much as I loved him and neither of us would cheat on each other. Having another man fondle me while he was present wasn’t considered cheating in Cal’s mind. After much persuasion and prodding by Cal I decided to proceed with his fantasy dream.

At first this decision was difficult. To get undressed and molested by another man was unthinkable. Everything started off innocently when we arrived in Miami. We noticed signs of a massage convention a couple of towns over at the Hyatt in Coral Gables. Cal had convinced me we should check it out thinking it may help relax me if I could see what a massage was about. Cal was very persuasive and I ended up getting a massage by this stud masseur, Pierre Levesque, at the convention.

One thing led to another and Cal and I became friends with Pierre and one of his friends and also a therapist, Jessica. We also were staying at the same motel and massages were the topic of the week. Four days of our vacation had passed already and I had received four massages. I didn’t tell Cal about the last one. He only knew of three. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt. We got dressed and headed out for breakfast as usual. Being a safe place around it was common for most of the people staying at the Knights Inn to also eat at the local Burger King down the road.

I was beginning to think Pierre and Jessica were following us on our honeymoon. It seems every where we went we would run in to them or vice versa. This morning was no exception; they were already eating breakfast at B-K when we dropped in. They invited us over and we ate with them. Jessica was very pretty and was easy to see she would do well in what ever career she chose. While I ate I thought it would be nice if perhaps she might give me a massage also while I was on vacation. Cal seemed to be taken by her beauty as well.

Before we finished Pierre asked if we were ready for later on. Cal said he was ready and I added that I was looking forward to it. Pierre noticed a slight hesitancy in my reply and asked if it would help me to relax if he brought Jessica. I looked at Cal with a questioning glance and he immediately said that sounded like a great idea. I agreed and said we’ll see you two later on. Why don’t you and Jessica come to dinner with us tonight and w can discuss our evening plans over a meal and a few drinks. I thought to myself a few drinks may help relax both Cal and I.
If anything got out of control we could always blame the liquor for allowing our inhibitions to relax while I got my massage. I wondered if Jess was going to do any of the massage treatment tonight. I would love to feel her hands groping me too. It was only mid morning and I was already getting horny.

I had to get my mind off of sex and massages for a while. I suggested to Cal that it would be nice to drive down the keys today for some gift shopping and maybe lunch, a snack and a couple of cool drinks at that lounge we stayed at several times on our first honeymoon. Cal was all for it. I think he knew that I was trying to take my mind off of tonight’s entertainment.

I had a great time; Cal and I played grab ass and held hands and kissed like we did the first time we visited here eight years ago. The afternoon flew and it was time to head back to the Knights Inn for dinner and beyond. I was getting horny again thinking about Pierre and his soft hands inching slowly up my legs; the first initial contact when his finger tips gently thrust into my slit and flatten my aching nub. The sensation of blood rushing to swell my little love button in anticipation of the next attack. I closed my eyes as I played several fantasy scenarios of tonight’s fun. I must have dozed off as Cal drove back to Florida City.

I still had a smile on my face as I heard Cal off in the distance saying “Get up, sleepy head. We’re back at the motel already.” I reluctantly crawled out of the car; I was still enjoying my dream. My panties felt wet. First thing as I entered our room was to head for the bathroom; not just because I had to use it but because I had to inspect myself. Damn. I must have came in my sleep. I was soaked and slippery. I gave myself a couple of good soft strokes and told my slippery pussy to behave. Tonight will be your time for fun.

It was still a little early for dinner, so I lay on the bed for a while and watched TV before showering and getting ready to go out for the evening. I don’t know what I was watching because my mind was still racing with lurid thoughts of my first ‘official’ erotic and sexual massage. An hour of trying to concentrate on TV still couldn’t corrupt my thoughts. Massage was all it knew. A cold shower was due soon to cool me off. It worked, but only as long as I was in the shower. I spent a few extra minutes shaving my legs and trimming my bush short and neat so Cal’s view may not be obstructed while he watched me get my massage... A little extra lube got too close too my clitty and of course I couldn’t resist a small amount of extra rubbing to remove it; it felt nice for a few minutes as I imagined Pierre doing the rubbing. I stopped as soon as I felt sparks shooting up my tummy; I didn’t want to have to shower again so soon. It was time to get dressed.

Cal and I got dressed. It had become hot and muggy outside, so cool loose fitting attire was called for. A sleeveless low cut blouse, shorts and sandals did it for me. Cal wore his usual t-shirt, shorts and sandals. We were off for some fun tonight. Our first stop was for a light dinner and a few cool drinks in the company of Pierre and Jessica then off to fantasy land for fun and pleasure.

Our waitress had just brought our drinks to the table when I spotted Jessica making her entrance. As she approached, I caught myself licking my lips in appreciation of her beauty. She wore a loose fitting halter and shorts to match. I glanced at Cal and he also noticed. Jess was hot; I would welcome her into my room any time. I think Cal had the same thoughts. She sat down and ordered a diet ginger ale. We had a chance to talk a while before Pete arrived. Both Cal and I had our eyes ogling her body. She would turn in her seat each time she spoke to us and as she did, she exposed her pink areola and semi erect nipples. Cal and I got equal viewing. I wanted to reach out to touch her, but resisted. She smelled like magnolias; intoxicating. I remarked at how breathtaking she looked tonight and she replied that tonight was special for her too. I tried to get her to explain, but all she would say was that Pierre will explain to everyone when he gets here. At that, I sat back and watched Cal flirt a while and saw how alert he became each time Jess would lean just right.

At last, Pierre strolled in. Tall, sun bleached blonde, green eyes; Cal caught me staring and saw my tongue beginning to lick my lips again. He knew I was ready for tonight and he was in for a good show. We all talked for a while as we nursed our drinks. Everybody became well acquainted and comfortable with each other. As we sat around the table, it seemed there was some early foreplay going on as we all appeared to be having fun. Just casual touches on the arms, hands and occasionally a knee or thigh got my mind thinking of more touches. After our third round, I lost my appetite for food and wanted to go back to Pierre’s room for my massage; and maybe snack on some of him. I could feel the drinks working on me. My inhibitions had weakened to the point of having none at the moment.

I made a suggestion that I wasn’t very hungry felt like getting massage instead. They all chuckled and all agreed. Pierre spoke up and said, “Would you mind if I brought Jessie along? She wants to learn the art of erotic massage and wanted to watch me at work.” Cal and I looked at each other. He had the look of ‘Oh yeah, baby’ on his expression. I acted hesitantly before answering. I knew Cal wanted it this way and so did I. I didn’t want to sound too enthusiastic in front of Cal, but my pussy was throbbing for Jessie to touch me.
I finally said, “I would love to have both of you there. Maybe four hands would be better than two.” Pierre and Jess smiled at each other and said, “If you’re ready, let’s get started.”

My mind was swirling as we walked to Pierre’s room. I was feeling slightly light-headed as I entered the dimly lit room. There were two tables set up similar to the other day when Cal and I got our first massage together after our day of scuba diving. One was under the light and the other set in the shadows. They were angled differently than before; the head of one table was beside the foot of the one I was to use. Pierre said,” If Cal wants to watch, he should be comfortable.” Pointing to the table in the shadows, Pierre continued, “He can sit or lay on this table where his unobstructed view will be just a foot or two from you.” It all sounded logical to me and I said, “I’m ready!” I don’t know why I said that; I wasn’t really ready. I knew I wanted to lie down; my head was spinning. I slowly began fumbling with the buttons on my blouse. Facing Cal and Jess who were both sitting on the other table, I opened my top completely displaying my still firm breasts to them. My light brown nipples were pointing at them. Whether they could see them or not in this dim light, I didn’t really care at the moment. I just wanted to get naked and have Pierre do his magic all over my body.

I hesitated again, a little dizzy before I removed my shorts. Both watched intently waiting for me to undo my shorts. Cal watched like it was the first time he ever saw me strip. He was licking his lips now. I looked up at Jessie and she was doing likewise. I kicked off my sandals and slid my shorts down. Turning as I bent to pick up my shorts and toss them on the bed, I felt two pairs of eyes staring at my ass and what small portion of my vulva was showing. Totally naked standing in front of them, I leaned over to Cal and gave him a hot wet kiss and said, “This is for you. I hope you enjoy the show.” Jess placed her hand on my bare shoulder and added, “I’m sure we both will.” The softness of her touch set my nerve ends alive and receptive to more. I forgot about Pierre, who must have been admiring my firm butt all this time. I straightened and turned around, but he was in the adjoining kitchenette area preparing his lotions and potions.

He returned shortly with not just oils. He also had a couple of sex toys that I was sure he was going to use on me. I instinctively climbed on the table face down and prepared myself for a treat. I was still a bit apprehensive and nervous about having an audience but decided to forego the sheet to cover me tonight. I might have been modest about this a few days ago but now I seemed to have lost all my inhibitions and modesty about getting naked in front of strangers. I wanted Cal to see everything to have his fantasy become a reality. I closed my eyes thinking it would be okay if I didn’t see them watching. I wanted this pleasure as much as Cal did. Pierre began my massage while Jess and my hubby sat together. Jess was very familiar with this part of the process, so she relaxed and studied Pierre’s technique. Cal was aroused already. As Pierre’s hands slid down my spine toward my butt I let out a pleasing little moan saying how nice that felt. Pierre moved to my butt and began a soothing massage on my left hip and cheek, kneading and rocking me from side to side. I think I moaned some more.

I spread my legs automatically when Pierre went to my feet. I wanted those hands up between my thighs and onto my pussy. The sensations from yesterday were still teasing my mind. Pierre placed my feet back together saying, “Don’t rush. We have all night.” I felt a bit embarrassed, wondering what Cal may have been thinking for me spreading my legs so quickly. I opened my eyes and turned my head toward them. Jess had her hand resting on my hubby’s thigh. Hubby already had his own hand slowly moving over his crotch. Apparently my embarrassment was for nil. They were enjoying this.

I turned on my back and closed my eyes again while Pierre began teasing the front of me. My mind was still playing all sorts of scenarios of what’s to come. I could feel my nipples stiffen as Pierre ran his hands down my front. His hands stopped just at the top of my freshly trimmed bush; he separated his hands and slid them back up my sides to my shoulders. It felt so nice; soothing and exciting at the same time. He repeated the same moves several times; each downward stroke went further into my bush. As his hands separated at my bush to glide up my sides, I could feel my pussy lips being tugged and separated. Pierre was getting very close to my clit with these strokes and I could feel it swelling. To say the least, it was arousing. I opened my eyes; Hubby appeared to have undone his shorts and had his hand inside still teasing his cock. My vision was a bit blurry and it was hard to see into the shadows, but it also looked like Jess’s halter had come undone; not off but much looser than hen she arrived. It may have been my eyes playing tricks on me. I closed my eyes again and drifted off into pleasure land while Pierre caressed every sensually sensitive nerve ending of my skin.

Pierre was already working on my legs again. It seemed he was on my legs much quicker than previous massages. I didn’t mind; it felt wonderful. As his hands were sliding up my thigh and inner thigh I heard Jess speak up and asked, “Is there something I can do?” Pierre didn’t miss a stroke and said, “It’s still going to be a while before I get going with the erotic massage. Cal seems like he could use a massage before things get warm.” Jess took the hint and said, “That sounds like a good idea. What do you think, Cal?” Cal was all for it; he kicked off his sandals and ripped off his t-shirt. Jess got up and Cal lay down. Grabbing some warm oil, Jess began on Cal’s back. I closed my eyes again and let Pierre get back to working on my tummy stirring up my sexual energy. His hands were as close to my pussy as he could go without actually touching my pussy lips. I was moaning almost non-stop. Pierre went back to the front of my legs; shins, knees, thighs, and of course upper thighs. I was beginning to get wet. I began spreading my legs again hoping Pierre would slide his hands up further on my thighs. I opened my eyes to see if Cal was enjoying my massage. He was already on his back, eyes closed, and also naked. I wondered when he had taken his shorts off. Did Jess take them off? Jess was working on his legs and he was definitely excited. Not from my massage, but from his own. Jess’s hands were just about to wrap around my hubby’s erect mast when Pierre told me it was time to turn on my tummy again.

“Jess, this is the part you wanted to learn. Instead of just watching, why don’t you do half and I do the other. Just try to do the same as I do.” “I’m ready to get started,” she said. She left Cal lying there with his cock throbbing for attention. He would have to attend to it himself for now.

I was settling in and getting ready for the erotic part of my massage. I was primed and aroused. I took a quick glance toward Cal. He was still lying on his back stroking himself slowly as he watched. I closed my eyes again as both Pierre and Jess put their hands on me. I was trembling with excitement waiting for them to begin. This was heaven when Pierre gave me a sample yesterday. Tonight was beyond paradise. Each worked on their own half of my back; both moving slowly and in sync with each other. My body was shaking from their sensual touches.

As Pierre and Jess got to my ass each kneading and squeezing a cheek, I let out a low moan of pleasure. Pierre stopped for a few seconds and then returned. I could feel him applying some sort of lubricant to my butt hole. It was tingly and tickly at the same time. Jess was kneading and pulling on my right cheek as I felt Pierre insert his finger into my tight ass. He pumped it in and out about an inch or so applying more lube as he did. It felt very nice. I wanted my clit to be rubbed immediately as he was doing this. He stopped and began working on my feet but Jess did not follow his actions. She continued massaging my ass and took over where Pierre left off. Jess’s smaller fingers began probing my ass. First one then two plunging and stretching and suddenly, “Oohh that feels really good, Jess,” I said out loud. I didn’t know what she was doing, but I could feel my clit swelling and becoming more sensitive. Pierre disappeared from my feet and I could hear him opening up another package. What could be happening next? Pierre move to my side and rubbed my back some more. His thick hard cock was pressing against my arm as he did. God, he was hard, rock hard. He grabbed my left butt cheek as Jess gripped my right. Gently they tugged my cheeks apart as Jess began inserting a well lube plug. I could feel my hole being stretched further and the slick probe going deeper. It must have been in about four inches when I felt my sphincter close around the narrower plug end. My clit sensed a new wave of tingling from this. Each time Jess would jiggle it I could feel it vibrating against the internal nerve endings attached to my clit deep inside my abdominal cavity. It was totally awesome and I let Jess know how nice it felt with a soft “Thank you, Jess.” A mini climax made my body shudder from the pleasure.

Pierre said, “It’s time to turn on your back again.” I opened my eyes to see Pierre’s swollen cock tenting his shorts three inches from my face. The urge to reach up and take it out was torturous. It took all my will to restrain myself. After all Cal was right behind me on the other table “Before you turn, I want to put a small pillow under your lower back.” I turned over with the pillow under my hips to elevate my ass off the table and the butt plug still deep inside me. I assumed the pillow was needed to keep my butt up off the table to allow for further stimulation.

I kept my eyes closed as I turned waiting for the next thrill. It wasn’t long before I felt four hands tenderly massaging my breast and nipples. Both masseur and masseuse were I was sure had done this before. It felt that good. I could feel my pussy dripping warm fluid between my lips. My nipples felt like two mouths sucking on them. It was hard to believe that it was someone’s hands. I had to open my eyes to see. Pierre and Jess were simultaneously tugging on my nipples sending me into another mini orgasm. Still dizzy from the drinks I wasn’t too drunk to notice Pierre and Jessica were now both topless. I tried to keep my eyes open for the rest of my massage. Jessie’s pink nipples were also puckered. She was undoubtedly enjoying this massage also. I could feel her hot pussy pressing against my left arm. Pierre was smiling as he kept his massive bone against my right side. A quick glance at Cal, and I could see he already jerked himself off and was working himself to get hard again.

Jessie and Pierre had moved off my breasts and down to my abdomen and upper thighs. My pussy also got a few nudges from each side of the table. I was hot and very aroused. Every touch from here on sent lightning bolts of pleasure through my body. With each professional working on my legs, I couldn’t hold back any more. I opened my legs wide and was ready for anything. As these two beautiful people smoothed their hands up my legs, they moved their bodies up the side of me. I reached my hands out to touch them to let them know how much I was enjoying this massage. Expecting to grab each by the shorts, I opened my eyes wide again when my hands touched bare flesh and fur. I reached a bit further with my right hand and found Pierre’s throbbing thick shaft. I felt for its tip and got a slippery treat. Pierre’s sweet pre-cum drooled into my hand when I squeezed him. My left hand stretched and Jess moved in closer to it allowing me to feel her awesomely dripping pussy. They pulled away and went to work between my thighs. I watched for a few seconds before I licked my right hand and sucked my fingers of my left. I closed my eyes again to fully savor my body’s pleasures. Jess and Pierre covered their hands with a super slick personal lubricant as they each grasped one of my labia and began squeezing and sliding their fingers up and down my slit. “Oh my God that felt sooo good.” I said out loud again. The gripping, sliding, pulling, and nudging was hitting my clit on every stroke. It was driving me wild. I could feel my tummy starting to flutter again. Every stroke Pierre and Jessie would also jiggle the plug. I began shaking and shuddering again. I was breathing faster and I could feel my self making things more slippery.

I was still coming down from an orgasm when Pierre began showing Jessie how to perform the clock massage where he would inset his thumb into my vagina about an inch or so and squeeze with his fingers at the top of my mound as if it were a clock. He would start at 1 o’clock and pull his thumb in and out for a half a minute then move to the 2 o’clock position and repeat the process. By the time Pierre got back up to the 12 o’clock position, I had my hips up off the table and screaming all the oohs and aahs and fuck me now phrases I could think of it felt that good. It was Jessie’s turn now.

I had to rest a few minutes before Jess gave it a try. Her smaller thumb and grip was a totally new sensation. I closed my eyes wondering how this clock would end. Pierre moved up toward my upper arm and played with my breast and nipples while Jess played clock on my hot dripping cunt. I was horny excited wanting it all. I felt Pierre’s thick dripping cock throbbing against my upper arm. I was so fucking hot. I didn’t care what Cal might think. I turned my head to face Pierre. His cock was huge; its tip still dripping. After that first taste of his pre-cum I wanted more so I opened my mouth for Pierre to enter. He gently pressed the slippery head to my mouth as I licked him clean. He pushed further and I began sucking him. He managed to get his head in and not much more. I licked and sucked his head and just under his head at the sensitive frenulum. He stood still while I bobbed my head back and forth on his cock.

Jess was gripping and pulling faster and harder. I think she finished the AM section and was now working on the PM night shift. The whole table was rocking. Was I sucking that hard? I didn’t care. I could feel myself building up for another. Pierre pulled away from my mouth as I gripped the sides of the table. The table was still rocking. My hips were rising again. My breathing became faster and more erratic as I opened my eyes again to see Jessie slamming my cunt. Pierre went to work diddling my swollen clitoris. I looked beyond Jess to see how Hubby was holding up. I wondered. Did he ever get his little cock up again? Oh yeah, he got it up all right. He was the cause of the table rocking.

I screamed as I came hard this time. Cal was gripping Jessie’s hips from behind as he slowly drove his meat into Jessie’s hot and wet pussy. I could smell the aroma of her sex as well as my own. Jessie finished the clock and turned to leaned over the other table with Cal still buried into her. I really didn’t care at this point. I wanted Pierre. Pierre had already started the G-spot finale, so I couldn’t stop him now. Pierre knew just what I needed after the orgasms I already had. I thought I couldn’t have another. I was wrong. Three minutes into the G-spot manipulation I got that feeling again. Only this time it was bigger. It was building and building> I was just about at the point of no return when Pierre started jiggling my plug, pushing and tugging rapidly. I lifted my ass off the table, shook, shuddered and screamed out for Pierre to fuck me. Cal turned to look at me cumming hard as he continued pounding Jessie’s tight sweet young cunt. I watched his cock sliding in and out of her as she was bent over the table. I wanted Pierre to do the same to me.

It took all my remaining strength to get up and bend over the table like Jessie. I positioned myself so I could watch Cal ravage the tight pussy four feet in front of me. Just then I felt Pierre with his massive still dripping tool pressing and sliding up and down my hot slippery slit. I gripped the far side of the table as Pierre used his thick tool to stretch my juicy cunt. He had to push and with draw several times before he could penetrate me deep. About the eight or ninth attempt I felt him pushed all the way. His large penis was buried in my pussy. I could feel him bumping into my cervix with each thrust. His sac was slapping my clit as he increased his speed and rhythm. He was hitting spots that Cal never dreamed of; that I never dreamed.

Cal was still going strong. Jess had turned over and had her legs spread wide. I never saw what it looked like to see a pussy getting fucked. It made me wetter. I finally adjusted to Pierre. He was thrusting his massive log into me gripping my hips firmly. He slowed his pace but still maintained his deep thrusts. I was sensing he was ready to blow his hot sticky load into my cervix. He released his grip on my left hip and began slamming my plug in and out slowly and deliberately matching his stern thrusts into my love canal. That was enough for me to start grinding my ass into him. I started pumping my ass up and down moving left and right as I constricted my hot slippery vagina around that slab of meat.

Cal was slamming himself hard and deep into Jess. I could tell he was about to cum again. My cunt was spasming in full mind blowing orgasm. Pierre slid deep into me and stopped pistoning for a few seconds as I felt his initial explosion rocket into my awaiting cervix. He shot hard and true; each blast after blast of hot spunk filling my contracting pussy. I squeezed him for several minutes as I continued to watch Cal finally withdrawing his still semi hard cum dripping cock from Jessie. He turned and saw me impaled by Pierre. The look on all our faces told the whole story. Cal had his fantasy come true and as an added bonus got to fuck a young babe masseuse. I was exhausted from cumming all night. Pierre was still deep in me enjoying my milking him. He still had a few spasms left before pulling out.

As he withdrew himself and my plug he said,
“Leslie, I have never in my life ever done that to a client. I have never had a fuck like that in my life. I must say it will be a night to remember the rest of my life. You and Cal were just fabulous to allow me to do this. Cal, you are the luckiest man in the world to have such a loving wife. Two of the nicest people I have ever met.”

Everyone was happy and satisfied. Cal had his fantasy come true. I had my fantasy (fantasies) come true. Jessie had no complaints. And Pierre; he was a god. It’s amazing what a week’s exposure to massage can do for a person.

Before ending our honeymoon, I found out something about Pierre; something that I kept from Cal. I found out that Pierre lives only thirty miles from us in Massachusetts.
After all, a woman has to have some secrets. And going for a regular massage now on a monthly basis is just something I’ve been able to fit into my home life schedule. A special massage isn’t out of the question either. Cal is all for massage. Pierre had mentioned that a massage can also help to improve a person’s sex life. I can’t argue that point. Cal always seems to know when I’ve had a massage. Could it be that I fuck his brains out when he comes home from work that night?