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Me and My Sisters; A True Story

2022-11-06 14:23:24

Me and My Sisters; A True Story

I grew up with six sisters, three older and three younger. I have seen all six nude and I've also seen my mother nude many times (but that's a different story...mom was a neighborhood prostitute, along with three other mothers). I was lucky enough to have had sex with two of my older sisters and even taught one younger sister how to suck cock. Those stories follow.


Kathy is two years older than me and we were always close, so it was no surprise that we learned about sex by experimenting with each other. Kathy was the first person I ever french kissed and I can still remember the excitement of feeling her tongue in my mouth and her lips on mine. As we kissed Kathy would have me fondle her ass.

This went on almost every night for awhile, then I started wearing my PJs so the fly was wide open and my stiff cock was visible whenever I would go into Kathy's room. Kathy reciprocated by letting me catch her with her panties at her ankles...showing me her hairy pussy.

It was also about this time that our cousin Bill T. and I would suck each other's cock whenever he visited from Springfield. His was the first cock that ever came in my mouth and the first Cum I joyously swallowed. I didn't learn until later that Kathy was also sucking off Bill T and he was licking her pussy and playing with her tits. Of course our parents didn't know about any of this, but mom wouldn't have minded I don't think. I like to think that if we had invited her, mom would have eagerly joined us teens in a rousing incest orgy.

One thanksgiving mom and dad hosted the relatives, including Bill T. family. Kathy, Bill and I went out to a shed we had in the backyard and, at Bill's suggestion, we played strip poker. It wasn't long before we were, all three, in our glory! Kathy's tits were still growing,but were firm and tipped with light brown nipples. Her pussy was lightly covered in brown hair that she kept trimmed. Bill...a year older than me...had a six inch cock and mine was about five inches...both cut.

I remember that Bill asked "what now?" and Kathy said, "Gail and Carolyn Reynolds and I learned something new at a party a couple weeks ago...it's called a Daisy Chain. Bill T., you lick my pussy while Mike sucks your dick and I suck his. We can all cum at the same time." Needless to say Bill and I quickly agreed. It took some maneuvering but we finally got it. I truly enjoyed sucking my cousins cock and as I wrapped my mouth around it and started sucking I heard Kathy moan and say "Oh my god...that's hot!"

I felt my sister's lips on my young prick and I knew I'd never felt anything better...never! I knew then that I loved incest...I LOVE INCEST! Kathy used her tongue on my prick as she sucked, which made me do the same with Bill T's prick. I fondled Kathy's developing tits as I sucked and it wasn't long before Bill T unloaded shot after shot of hot cum into my mouth and as I swallowed as quickly as I could, I unloaded into my sister's mouth. Kathy moaned in rapture as she came.

As we separated Kathy said; "Oh my God that was sooo fucking good!" Bill kissed Kathy hard...I could see their tongues exploring each other. Then I pressed my lips to my sister's and we kissed like long lost lovers. "Michael...kiss Bill T" Kathy said, and I did. As we tongue fucked each others mouth Kathy said; "Oh, that is hot! I'm still horny...first one to get his cock hard again can fuck my cunt." She spread her legs wide, giving us a view to jack off looking at. I'm sorry to say that our cousin Bill got hard first and I watched as he fucked my sister's pussy.

After that Kathy and I french kissed almost every night and I played with her tits or licked her pussy and she would jack me or suck me off. My sister loved the taste of cum and always swallowed. She told me that mom had given her the sex talk and said that boys would expect something in return for the cost of their date (movies, dinner,whatever) and that letting them play with her unclothed tits was the least she could do on a first date, they would expect more on the second date, that they would want to fuck her pussy, or at least her mouth. Mom told Kathy; If you're ovulating and they want pussy, make them wear a rubber. Otherwise suck them off...you can't get pregnant that way. (this was before the "pill" was invented).

The day Kathy got her driver's license was the first time I got to fuck her cunt. Kathy wanted to take the car out just to drive, but mom told her to "practice parking" in our driveway and suggested that I roll play her date. We both agreed so after dinner Kathy and I got in the car in the driveway and necked for quite awhile before we got in the back seat and got naked. Eating pussy in the back seat of a car is not easy, but I spent quite a long time doing it, my mouth firmly against my sister's neatly trimmed hairy cunt, before Kathy couldn't take it anymore and told me to fuck her cunt.

It took me a while and some help from Kathy to get my prick in her (I hadn't actually fucked a pussy at this point), but once in instinct took over and I pumped the shit out of her. I will have to say that a car is not the most comfortable place to fuck, but being somewhat in a public place makes it fun.

After we had both cum my sister and I got dressed (sloppily...not an easy dressing room), except Kathy carried her bra and panties into the house. Mom was still up (dad always went to bed early because he started work early downtown), and she just smiled at us and asked if we had fun. Her legs were parted just enough to see she wasn't wearing panties either. As it turned out, mom was grooming Kathy to become a prostitute like herself. There was no "whorehouse" in our neighborhood, but like many American suburbs in the late fifties and early sixties, bored housewives made a little money on the side with their pussies. There were still lots of door-to-door salesmen and bill collectors then. In our neighborhood it was mom, mrs. Weber, Mrs. Morton and Mrs. Zykan and, as I learned later, it was also Kathy and our two older sisters and Mrs. Zykan's daughter Audrey as well.

Kathy and I continued to have sex (mostly oral) after that and, of course, lots of kissing...even in very public places. She always told me about the sex she was having with dates and once...just once...i went with her on a date and sucked the guy off while she watched...and then let him fuck me in the ass.

Kathy is now 80 and while we live in different parts of the country...when we do get together she still sucks my cock.


Nancy was five years older than me and she was the first of my sisters I saw fully nude, though she didn't know it at the time. She had big tits that were firm and she dyed the hair on her cunt blond to match the hair on her head. The rug matched the curtains as they say. Though Nancy's sex life was probably the most active of my sisters (more on that later), my sexual relations with her were limited to two occasions.

The first was when I was still in high school, just before my senior year. I was sleeping in as usual on a Saturday and Nancy, having just been married, was visiting mom. Mom sent her up to wake me and I heard her coming up the stairs. I slept nude and had only a sheet over me. I pretended to be asleep and Nancy grabbed the sheet and yanked it away. I turned over so my hard-on could be seen and pretended to be mad. Nancy grinned and grabbed my cock.

"I would say it's time to get up, but I see you're already up" Nancy said.

"Your fault" I said. "You have to get it down now."

Nancy just smiled and began jacking me off. She knew what she was doing and had obviously jacked guys off before...even before her husband. Her strokes were gentle and she paid attention to the glans on the bottom of my cock.

"You like my dick?" I asked as she stroked me.

"I've seen bigger...and I've seen smaller" she answered as I came hard. My cum splashed on my belly and chest and covered Nancy's hand. "Now it's time for you to get up" Nancy said as she licked her hand, causing my teenage dick to rise again. "You'll have to take care of that one yourself" she laughed as she left my room licking my cum off her fingers.

Not long after that Nancy and her husband moved and I went into the service, and my next experience with Nancy had to wait for almost fourteen years, when I was 30 and she was 35.

In the intervening years I had gotten married and was recently divorced from Gloria. For the last 3 years of our marriage we lived in Los Angeles and Gloria had taken a job as a fluffer for Cabellero Pictures which, aside from the Mitchell Brothers, was a leader in porn films that played at the Pussycat Theaters. For those who don't know the terminology, a fluffer sucks the cocks of male porn actors to keep them hard between camera set-ups. When needed they also lick cunt to get the actress wet again. They can't let the guys cum and miss that "money shot", but a few of them always wanted to cum in the flutters mouth as a tip for good work...Gloria got a lot of tips! In those 3 years I went to work with Gloria and also sucked cock. Gloria and I got a divorce about 6 months before Nancy came out to visit. My sister Kathy knew all about Gloria's job and had informed me that mom and Nancy also knew.

During this time I had acquired a collection of porn magazines, including ones with ads for swingers. In one I ran across an ad with picture of woman, naked in a rocking chair with her feet up on the seat, spreading wide for the camera. What caught my attention was the woman looked like a dead ringer for Nancy, the ad said her husband Jerry liked watching her get fucked, and they lived in southern Missouri...all fitting my sister. Many nights that was the picture I jacked off to.

I picked up Nancy at the LA airport and we drove back to my apartment in North Hollywood, passing a Pussycat theater and an adult bookstore about a block from my place. Nancy said that Kathy had told her about our family sex in past years and that I had enjoyed sucking cock. Nancy asked what the Pussycat was and i told her, so she said she wanted to go see a porn movie that night. We dropped her bags at my place and walked down to the theater. Barbara Broadcast was playing, a movie I knew well since Gloria had worked on it both as a fluffer and an extra (getting fucked on the restaurant table in the restaurant scene at the beginning).

The theater was about three quarters full and when we sat down Nancy unbuttoned her dress (it buttoned all the way down the front), revealing enough cleavage to show she wasn't wearing a bra and no panties. When the movie started Nancy took my arm and put it around her shoulders, my hand firmly on her tit.

"Is that Gloria?" she asked as we saw the girl on the table being fucked. I whispered yes, and that she also was fluffer on this movie.

"She sucked the cocks of all the men in this one?" she whispered.

"Not all" I said softly. "There were a lot of men in this one...but she sucked quite a few."

Nancy said, quietly, that Kathy told her I sucked cock too and asked if I still did. I told her that I loved sucking cock and did it whenever I got the chance. As I played with her nipples my sister leaned in and kissed me on the mouth, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

Nancy unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and began jacking me off. A guy sitting behind us asked me if I'd let my wife jack him off and I told him that it was not my wife, but my sister. The look on his face was priceless. Nancy told him to come down and sit between us and he could play with her tits while "my brother" sucked his cock. They guy moved quickly and told Nancy his name was Dave. I moved over a seat and Dave sat between us. I raised the arm between us and leaned down and took Dave's stiff cock into my mouth. I thought his prick was perfect; about six inches long which made sucking easy, cut and not too fat.

"Cum in Michael's mouth" Nancy instructed. "Make my little cock sucking brother eat your cum."

I decided to play that game too. "Suck my sister's tits" I said. "Play with the filthy whores' cunt."

Dave was in heaven. His hand on the back of my head as I sucked him and his lips around Nancy's stiff nipples was almost too much for him and he began shooting cum into my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could.

Now I'm going to be honest....I was in no way expecting the night to go like this. I had fantasized about sex with Nancy since that morning she had jacked me off all those years ago...just as I had jacked off thinking about fucking my mother and my other sisters, and I had hoped I could get Nancy to jack me off again during this visit...but this was turning out way better than I could have ever imagined, and it was about to get better.

Dave sighed and asked again if we were really brother and sister and Nancy told him we were and that she had come all the way from Missouri so that she could fuck me and get pregnant. It was enough to get Dave's prick rising again, so Nancy leaned down and shared his cock with me...both of us licking and sucking his tasty prick and each other's tongues. I asked if it was true and she told me that her husband Jerry had suggested she do it...let me get her pregnant We kissed with Dave's prick between our lips.

I knew now that the ad in the swinger's magazine was, indeed, my sister. This was already so much more than I could have hoped for. I told Dave he could finger fuck Nancy if he wanted to and he jumped at the chance. Nancy changed seats with Dave and while he finger fucked her cunt I played with her tits and french kissed her. With all this activity we were surrounded by other men who watched. I felt my own cock being sucked and saw it was another man.

The movie ended, to be replaced by Teenage Cheerleaders....A treat I didn't know was on the bill. It was the only on-screen appearance by my ex-wife Gloria that was full on...full face shots of her sucking and fucking. She played a school nurse. As soon as her scenes were over Nancy suggested we leave and go back to my apartment and fuck. I didn't argue.

As Nancy stripped out of her clothes in my bedroom, I was harder than I'd ever been, just knowing that my sister not only wanted me to fuck her cunt, but she wanted me to cum in her and get her pregnant. Her tits were large and just slightly sagging from the weight. Her cunt was trimmed but still had the pussy hair I wanted on my face as I licked her. Her ass was tight and tasty looking.

My sister lay on my bed completely naked, legs spread wide and she took the phone from beside the bed and called her husband, Jerry. "Honey" she said, "My little brother is about to fuck me and cum in me." pause. "He did already....he sucked off a complete stranger in the movie theater while I watched." pause. "Of course he came in Michael's mouth...and he swallowed it all." pause. "Oh yes! I am fertile...will be long enough to ensure Michael knocks me up."

My sister handed me the phone. "Jerry wants to talk to you."

Jerry: "Hey brother-in-law...i want you to fuck your sister's mouth and cum down the bitch's cock sucking throat...then fuck her pussy and knock her up...then cum on the dumb fucking whore's face. And take pictures!"

Me: "It will be my pleasure."

Jerry: "And when you get the chance, piss in that ignorant slut's mouth. Make Nancy's mouth your urinal while she's there. The stupid cunt loves drinking piss."

Nancy had been listening in and just smiled. She told me that she first met Jerry when he had been fucking mom and he was one of Nancy's first "johns" while in high school.

There was never a better feeling than when I lay down on top of Nancy, pressed my bare cock between the lips of her pussy and fucking her while shoving my tongue down her throat. Jesus Fucking Christ but that whore could fuck!!! I came in Nancy's wet pussy twice before I could pull out. After a rest, Nancy sucked my cock in her pretty fucking mouth and swallowed my third load of cum. Finally, exhausted, I managed to jack off onto my sister's waiting face. As Jerry suggested, I took Nancy's camera and snapped a few pictures of her; smiling face dripping cum, legs spread wide showing cum filled cunt.

I had a full week with Nancy and we fucked multiple times each day. She also suggested a trip to an adult bookstore where we both sucked cock for almost three hours. She took pictures of me with a cock in my mouth and I took pictures of my sister sucking a very large, black prick. Nancy told me that she enjoyed licking pussy almost as much as she loved sucking cock, so I introduced her to a girl I had been seeing, Carol Benyon, who I knew was bi. When I told Carol that Nancy was my sister and that I had been fucking her cunt, Carol couldn't wait to join in the fun. In one afternoon of debauchery, I fucked Carol's ass while Nancy licked her pussy, I fucked my sister while Carol watched and took pictures, and brought in her own sister, Jeannie, and we did double-incest sex. It was the greatest week of my life.

Before she left Nancy assured me that our cock sucking mom (Gladys) actually had been a whore, along with other ladies in our neighborhood and all of my sisters, but mom only fucked 4 to 5 guys a month and sucked off one or two mere...same with the other whores and that every once in a while the ladies would all get together for a pussy licking party.

I don't know which I liked more...fucking my sisters' cunts or cumming in their cock sucking mouths. And as of my two wives; Gloria Jean was the much better cock sucker, but Susan Marie lets me piss on her face and licks my asshole, and she has also enjoyed incest with her older brother. No doubt though, incest is by far the best. I love incest! I LOVE INCEST!!!

P.S. It worked...Nancy got pregnant that week and, when she was old enough, I taught our daughter how to suck cock.