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2023-01-21 01:33:44

“Yes, she wants to have us both. Are you fine with that?”

Sarah has a magnificent ass with thighs to match. She is of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from me, bi-sexual, though she didn’t need a great deal of prompting. She is a very talented and exciting lover with a very strong sex drive. One of her favorite turn ons - and mine - is sex with an audience, male and or female. And she loves being licked and teased.

We had met Pauline socially a few weeks previously and she had made it obvious to both of us she was interested in us sexually as Sarah reciprocated and flirted with her with my tacit encouragement.

“Pauline is a lipstick lesbian, she has had three male husbands and my girlfriends tell me she is very talented,” Sarah told me in the afterglow of magic sex on the Thursday night. “Remember, no more sex until Sunday, I want us both to be horny for her so we enjoy her to the max.”

No sex on the Friday or Saturday just as Sarah stipulated, though we did watch some very sexy FMF videos in bed for ‘inspiration and ideas’ as we teased each other’s naked bodies with our fingertips.

The one we both enjoyed the most and replayed many times commenced with an erotic and exotic totally naked woman (apart from her heels) with a voluptuous body laying back on a sofa in an outdoor setting. The look on her face suggested she was anticipating sexual pleasure. Then another woman appeared and lightly kissed her before she teased her cunt lips with a fingertip. The women were both around our age.

“Her tits are bigger than mine, she has more pubic hair than me, though my ass is better. And she is awesome, fucking awesome, what a turn on,” Sarah told me in an agitated voice as I agreed with her as we watched the other woman giving her lesbian pleasure. “Perhaps I should let my hair grow back so it looks like hers? Would you like me to do that for you baby?”

Then a second video of the same woman standing resting against a desk as three much younger women pleasured her with her legs wide apart. Sarah was rapt, as I was, while we watched her enjoying having her cunt licked as one of the girls tongue kissed her.

“Wow, she is bi-sex,” Sarah whispered when we found a third video of the same woman with a hung black man and another woman.

One video reminded both of us when Sarah greeted one of her lesbian lovers wearing a very short skirt. Without saying a word after they kissed passionately her lover lifted Sarah’s skirt, pulled her thong down and commenced licking her cunt lips as Sarah encouraged her with her hand pushing her head into her.

Sarah, told me she had never had lesbian sex before she met me, though she was seriously bi-curious. With some gentle encouragement from me I took great delight in organising her first lesbian encounter. It was very exciting watching her with her first lesbian lover - and numerous women lovers later it still is, even more so as she readily attracts female lovers, for our mutual pleasure.

“The woman in those videos was awesome, let’s watch them again, I want to emulate her,” Sarah told me on the Sunday morning. Each and every time we watch it we are both learning new techniques for our combined sexual pleasure.

“A bi-sex lady wants to have us both soon baby, very soon, is that what you want?,” I ask Sarah teasingly as we showered together thirty-minutes before Pauline was due.

“I want it and need it, really need it, I am so fucking horny after watching those videos. And you?,” she asked as we passionately tongue kissed.

“Just like you, I want it and need it, really need it, I am so fucking horny after watching those videos,” I reply truthfully as we continue tongue kissing.

“Don’t forget, today is a three-way for us, just like the videos, Sarah whispers. “I am to please and be pleased by you and a new bi-sex woman.”

“Sarah is still getting ready,” I tell Pauline as I usher her in, dressed in just my tight, low cut jeans which barely cover my closely shaved and trimmed pubic area, excited at the thought of my lady and I sharing sexual pleasure with her.

I had made a point of making my cock semi-erect so it was obvious in my tight jeans if she looked. I was pleased with myself when she took a long look, the exhibitionist in me to the fore.

Just as I remembered Pauline is an exciting looking woman, size-12, brunette, taller than most, with magnificent long legs as she asks me to help her off with her dress. “Do you like my new lacy underwear?,” she smiles full of confidence as I ogle her magnificent, long legs and her ass cheeks poking out of her skimpy black thong.

I am very pleased when she takes a very long look at my now almost full erection straining under my jeans with a knowing smile on her face.

“Oh wow, how exciting,” she mutters as she brushes a hand over the bulge in my jeans as I show her into our bedroom and Sarah greets her with a confident smile. Apart from her heels Sarah is completely and breathtakingly naked. “I was just deciding if I should wear a high waisted black thong for you or a tiny black g-string. Or perhaps a garter belt? Would you like to watch me try them on?,” she teases as she shows each to Pauline.

“Does my ass look big in my g-string,” she teases as she does up the clip at the side and struts around the room, her exhibitionist side to the fore. She knows she has a magnificent ass, spectacular even, in a g-string just as it is now, and loves flaunting it for both sexes and the reaction she invariably gets.

“My man has an ass fetish. He loves licking and kissing my ass while a third person is tongue kissing me,” she whispers as I enjoy licking and kissing it with another woman watching before she and Sarah tongue kiss as we both had hoped.

“Tell me what you are going to do to me,” Sarah asks as she and Pauline tongue kiss passionately as Pauline slides the tip of a finger along her bald cunt lips.

“Tell me again,” Sarah teases as she lays back at forty-five degrees on our couch, emulating the woman in the video. legs wide open as they continue tongue kissing, she does enjoy a verbal turn on.

“Fuck you with my tongue while your man joins in.”

Pauline licks and sucks each of her nipples in turn as I watch Sarah soaking up the sexual pleasure.

Pauline slides her body down along Sarah’s until her tongue touches Sarah’s cunt lips. She is tense and very aroused as she moans, “Oh fuck, so good, so fucking good.”

Sarah and I are passionately tongue kissing as she soaks up the pleasure of Pauline’s tongue licking her cunt lips.

“So good, so fucking good, so fucking good,” Sarah is moaning standing with her legs spread, resting on the edge of a table as Pauline is licking her cunt lips.

We are passionately kissing as I stand alongside her watching on.

“Oh fuck yes, yes, yes, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt.”

She has her hand wrapped around my erection as she slides a hand along it.

“I love it, love it,” she is moaning with a look of sheer ecstasy on her face as I lick her nipples.

Sarah’s magnificent thighs have never looked more appealing to me with them spread wide for her lady lover.

My voyeuristic streak is enjoying watching a most attractive, bi-sex woman pleasuring my lady. They have given me full on, nine-inch erection.

Sarah has her legs wide apart, one straddled over Pauline’s shoulders as I enjoy watching Pauline licking her very wet cunt lips. Sarah has a look of utter sexual ecstasy on her face as she lays on her back on our bed, her head on two pillows with her arms behind her head as she watches on.

Pauline alternates licking in a vertical motion, then a horizontal motion. Sarah motions for me to kiss her. We are tongue kissing like never before. “Nipples baby, my nipples,” she whispers as I oblige and lick and suck them.

Sarah’s body is bucking as Pauline slides a finger into her while I tongue kiss her.

I know Sarah well enough to realise she has already a number of small orgasms. She is working up to a huge orgasm as Pauline expertly edges and teases her while I lightly lick her nipples.

Her whole body is trembling as she moans, “So good, so fucking good. Oh fuck yes, yes, yes, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt,” before she has a huge orgasm.

An hour later Pauline is sitting on a chair as I stand alongside her. She is sucking my very erect cock while I fantasise about watching my lady giving her lesbian pleasure and licking her while I watch.

Sarah is passionately tongue kissing me as she watches her lady lover pleasuring me as she promised.

“Do you want me to tongue fuck you while you give my man a blow job Pauline? You know I really want to.”

Pauline replies with a thumbs up as Sarah licks and kisses her nipples before she kneels between her legs.

Sarah is the consummate and polished female / male lover. Since I introduced her to lesbian sex Sarah has been practicing her lesbian lover skills.

She is paying attention to Pauline’s inner thighs. Licking, biting, and blowing. She often tells me the erogenous zone is an often ignored yet extremely sensitive area.

She is giving her a light kiss on her cunt lips and breathing on it. Pauline is almost begging for her tongue.

Then the tip of her tongue finds Pauline’s clit before she penetrates her with her tongue. A little later she is using her whole mouth to pleasure Pauline, not just her tongue.

Sarah inserts a finger into her while licking her to stimulate both her clit and vagina. Then two fingers.

Sarah likes to tell me about her sexual techniques. She has told me, “Once I am inside of a woman, I curl my fingers so they are shaped like a hook. I pull towards me and straighten them again and repeat to stimulate my lady lover’s g-spot.”

All the while Pauline has been sucking my rock hard erection. A huge extra turn on watching my lady pleasuring Pauline with her tongue, lips and fingers.

“Tell me what you want and how you want it,” Sarah teases as she has Pauline close to orgasm.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, you are so good, so fucking good,” Pauline moans as she lets my erection slip from between her lips.

“You are so fucking good Sarah,” Pauline is almost screaming as Sarah expertly teases her to orgasm with her tongue and fingers.

“Now you baby, masturbate for us and I will swallow,” Sarah tells me with a wicked smile as I readily comply.