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Payback is Hell - Part 2

2023-01-23 00:02:26

At eight o’clock the next morning Leigh came out of the bedroom wearing a pink teddy and black six-inch platform shoes with spike heels. She had her long curly blonde hair and face completely made up and wore a lot of perfume.

“Time to get up. To show you what a loving wife I am, I’m going to fix us a pot of coffee.”

Barry loved coffee in the morning, but Leigh had an ulterior motive. She knew he had to piss and the coffee would only make matters worse for his very stiff dick. She did not let him piss before he went to sleep. She ran the water for a long time.

“I’m going to be nice to you since you didn’t escape or piss. I’m going to untie you. But here are the fucking rules. Remember you’re my slave and you have to obey me all fucking weekend. Keep your mouth shut and your hands behind your back or on top of your head. Walk into the kitchen. Pour yourself a cup of coffee. But if see you touching yourself in any way, well, I better not. Shake your head if you understand me.”

Barry shook his head yes.

“While you’re drinking your coffee, make yourself useful for a change. Clean up this fucking mess. Put the shelf back in the bookcase and pick up all the shit on the floor. But drink your coffee. Remember I’ll be watching closely to make sure you don’t touch yourself.”

Barry did exactly as he was told. The bookcase was straight again and he finished the cup of coffee. At 8:30 there were three loud and slow knocks on the door. His dick, that had gone soft during the cleanup, went to rigid attention at the knocking sound.

“Answer the fucking door slave.”

Barry’s eyes widened knowing that he had to face someone completely naked. His dick became harder.

There was another series of three slow knocks.

“I said answer the fucking door, and you better not stand behind it either.”

Slowly Barry walked to the door but knew the embarrassment he’d face. He waited for a minute. Then there were three more knocks, again very slow.

“Open the fucking door right now or I’ll do it and throw your fucking naked ass outside.”

He reluctantly opened the door. Standing there was a beautiful woman with very long curly bleached blond hair that went well below her bust line. He had seen the woman perform at an erotic dance bar.

She already had the look of going on for a night on the town. But it was only 8:30 a.m. The woman wore a three-piece deep red rose lace tie top; mesh shorts, and matching g-string that left almost nothing to the imagination. She also wore 6-inch platform spikes that made her appear to stand over 6 feet tall. Like Leigh, she wore plenty of jewelry and perfume.

“Well, what do we have here? It looks like we have someone with this dick sticking way out like he’s fucking sexually excited. I bet he’d just love to shoot that wad too. Good morning Leigh. I see you have this boy well trained.”

She made no attempt to come in so that Barry had to continue exposing himself to the outside world.

“He’s been pretty good so far. Are you doing OK this morning? Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?”

“Sure, why not. I can use a fresh cup. Maybe your slave can lead me to the kitchen.”

The other woman was Melissa. She grabbed roughly Barry’s dick giving him some momentary comfort and relief but she was careful not to go to far. As she walked to the kitchen, Barry had to follow. Leigh made Barry drink a second cup of coffee very quickly. When he was finished Melissa said, “I’m ready whenever you are.”

“Let’s get started,” Leigh replied. “Everything is as ready as it will ever be. The sooner we get started, the sooner we’ll let this stupid piece of shit piss and cum. Oh I bet he’s going to piss up a storm too.”

Turning to Barry, Leigh said sternly, “OK you fucking loser piece of shit slave. The game we’re playing is that you’re my fucking slave and you have to obey me because you couldn’t make me cum last night. Nod your fucking head if I’m right.”

Barry nodded his head in agreement.

“Here is my next command. Obey Melissa. She is my assistant. Obey her because every command of hers is my command too. Do you fucking understand?”

Leigh grabbed Barry’s hair and shook his head yes before shoving him to the floor.

“Look at me and Melissa for a minute. Get up on your fucking knees. Show us your fucking little boyhood. Hands way up over your head. I better not see you fucking touching yourself. Come on, we want to see your cock throb. Put on a show for us.”

He watched Melissa take off all her clothes, except for her spike platforms and jewelry as Leigh closely watched Barry to be sure he didn’t try to move his hands downward. Then Leigh removed her teddy to reveal that overnight she shaved her pussy completely. Melissa watched the slave closely when Leigh disrobed.

“He’s all yours,” Leigh said.

“You know I like that game,” Melissa said to Leigh. “Let’s play it some more for a minute. I liked seeing him bob his dick for us. That means he trying to cum. Maybe he’ll do it even more seeing our pussies.”

Both of them played with Barry’s nipples and warmly breathed on his dick and into his ear. He was rock hard and throbbing. He hoped his throbbing would make him cum. He tried.

“I know what I’d like to see him do right now, but I won’t ask him. I’d really like to see what a fucking jerk off he is and have him jerk off for us. But he better keep his fucking hands above that stupid thing he calls a head, and keep his cum inside his dick.”

Melissa when gently whispered into his ear, “You probably got a lot of hot juicy cum too that is just waiting to explode out of your little dick.”

She then whispered into his other ear. “I bet your cock is just aching to be stroked. It so wants to cum. I like seeing that hard cock bob up and down. He’s trying so hard to cum.”

Then Melissa stepped in front of Barry so that her shaven pussy was directly in front of his face and changed her tone.

“Crawl into the fucking bedroom you fucking worthless piece of loser shit,” Melissa ordered wickedly. “Hurry up. Crawl faster. Don’t dare fall down either. We don’t want your dick getting any satisfaction, at least not just yet.”

Overnight Leigh made some major changes to the bedroom that bewildered Barry. She rigged a several 2x4’s with long bolts and lock washers to make a cross contraption using her bedroom dresser and mirror combo along with the dining room chair. The floor contained several layers of very large and heavy gauge plastic sheeting that covered nearly the entire bedroom floor, even under the bed Next to the chair was a brown paper bag with the contents hidden from view.

Leigh replaced the white cotton bed linens with lovely red satin sheets and several matching fluffy pillows, all perfume scented. On top of the sheets were several dildos, much more than she had last night, and bottles of scented lubricant. There was even a double-headed toy on the bed. There were scented candles everywhere but the dresser.

“Sit in the fucking chair,” Melissa commanded. “Feet flat on the floor but spread wide. Ass glued to the seat. Hands way up over your head. Extend those arms and fingers toward the ceiling.”

Leigh stood on one side of Barry, Melissa on the other. Both were naked except for their platform spikes and jewelry. They didn’t say a word.

“Now,” Leigh shouted.

Melissa instantly plopped down in Barry’s lap while holding his right hand as best she could. Leigh had a firm grip on his left hand. She forced it downward to where it lodged between her hips and the 2x4.

Leigh reached into the paper sack and pulled out a roll of duct tape. With Melissa’s limited help, Leigh taped and secured his left arm to the 2x4. He could not move it.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Barry immediately protested loudly while struggling to stand up and free his hand.

“Shut the fuck up. Who gave you permission to talk? You’re a fucking slave. You’ll do what we want. Give me a piece of tape Leigh. I’ll make him shut the fuck up,” Melissa said as she continued to struggle keeping Barry in place. Leigh moved to the other side.

Leigh peeled off about 12 inches of tape and handed it to Melissa. She taped his mouth.

Still sitting in his lap. Melissa struggled keeping Barry’s right hand to the 2x4. But with Leigh’s help, it was easier to secure than the left hand. They ignored Barry’s muffled protests and serious attempts to escape.

Both women quickly reinforced the tapings. With every passing second, Barry became more tightly secured to the 2x4. Nearly 90% of his arms were taped. As they taped, escape became more unlikely. The taping extended to his shoulders and armpits.

Next they secured his legs to the chair. Again about 90% of his legs between his ankles and knees had duct tape. Before they finished, they also ran tape across his lap and underneath the chair to further secure him. Over two-dozen rolls of 2-inch gray duct tape firmly immobilized the slave. Almost every inch of his body was taped, especially the parts with short body hair.

The women wanted to tape one more body part.

Melissa started breathing hard on Barry’s dick to get it harder. Finally satisfied he was about to cum; Leigh taped his dick using several short strips rather than one long one. She ensured there was maximum content between the tape and the flesh. They left only his dick head exposed. Short pieces of tape were applied on his balls as well. Barry was very near the point of climax during the cock taping.

“Doesn’t the fucking loser look cute?” Melissa said. “I think he needs a ring.” She tossed an empty tape spools towards his dick. That excited him even more. Finally she shouted, “A ringer!”

The two looked at each other admiring their handiwork and laughing. Melissa stepped to the other side of the bed. Leigh turned dead serious.

“OK Barry,” Leigh spoke his name for the first time this weekend. It was also the first time she spoke to him since Melissa took command. In a very stern voice she continued. “Now I want you to fucking listen to me and remember every fucking word I say to you. Do you fucking understand?”

All Barry could do was shook his head yes. She grabbed him by the hair and shook his scalp violently yes. Leigh spat on him and slapped each side of his face very hard. She then looked him in the eye and spat on him again.

“The biggest fucking mistake I ever fucking made was marrying your goddamn worthless motherfucking ass Barry.”

She then removed her wedding band and engagement ring and held it inches from his eyes.

“But now I’m going to fix that fucking problem just like I’ve fixed every other fucking problem in our worthless fucked up marriage. Last night and this morning I fucking gave you the grounds for divorce by reason of mental cruelty. That’s strike one against me.”

She slapped him hard when she said strike one. Then she spat on each ring before dropping it into the empty tape spool that served as an ignominious cock ring. She again spat twice on his face. His eyes began to tear. Melissa snapped a picture. Leigh slapped his face hard twice more and spat on him repeatedly.

“You put me through seven months of hell Barry. I hate your fucking ass. I’m sorry I married your fucking ass. I wish your fucking ass was dead Barry. Because if you dropped dead right now, I’d dig your fucking grave myself and toss you into the ground naked and throw dirt on your worthless body and let the maggots have a fucking feast. That’s what I think of you Barry. I fucking hate you Barry. I hated when you tried to fuck me last night. I hate everything about you Barry. I hope you fucking burn in hell you goddamn motherfucking loser. One more thing Barry,”

She then slapped him very hard on each cheek three or four times and spat repeatedly in his face.

“If what I just did wasn’t grounds for physical cruelty I’ll tell you what fucking is. You’ll have more than sufficient grounds for divorce by reason of physical cruelty when you pull off all that fucking duct tape and yell in pain as you also rip the scrawny hairs off your nasty fucking body. That Barry is strike two against my ass.”

Again she slapped his face saying strike two. Leigh then grabbed the ring finger of Barry’s left hand and yanked the wedding band off his finger. It met a similar fate as her rings.

She then started laughing and again spat in his face and struck him again. Melissa continued taking pictures of his now reddening face, making sure that the pictures also utilized the dresser mirrors to capture Leigh’s image. She looked him directly in the eye and deliberately spat again before resuming her slow and stern tone.

“Before I give you strike three, you sorry fucking bastard, I’m going to tell you the fucking part I want you to fucking remember the most. Listen good Barry, you goddamn motherfucking loser. Don’t fucking forget this shit either. You’re a worthless piece of crap that has always relied on someone else. Not this time. You know why? I’m not going to file for the fucking divorce. You are. That’s right Barry. You’re going to divorce me. I’m not going to divorce you. I’ll repeat that because I know you’re a fucking stupid shit loser that has always relied on someone else to do the shit you should be doing. You, Barry, are going to find a fucking lawyer and you, Barry, are going file for the fucking divorce. I’ve been nice because I’ve even given you the fucking grounds. Today is Saturday. I’m going to be real nice and give you two days of grace. Starting at noon on Monday, you have 30 calendar days to serve my fucking ass with those divorce papers. I’ll tell you why I’m giving you two days of grace. You’ll fucking need that time to recover from pulling all the tape off your body. Maybe your pain will be a small reminder of the pain you caused me.

“If I’m not served within 30 fucking days from noon Monday, that is 32 days from now Barry, you stupid fucking bastard, then we’re still fucking married and you’ll really have hell to pay because legally I’ll still be your wife. And I’m just the fucking bitch that can do it too. And because I’m so fucking nice, I’ll tell you how I’m going to start being a bitch. If you don’t serve my ass, I’ll publish all these fucking pictures of you on the goddamn Internet. I’ll have the URL printed plenty of cocktail napkins so that everyone in the town will know. I’ll get the pictures enlarged and mail the 8x10 color glossies to that stupid, fucking, overweight, lazy-ass, ignorant, worthless piece of shit whore that you call mommy so can see your divorce album too. And that will only be the start. What I have planned to embarrass you if you don’t file will make what happens here today seem like a fucking church picnic. Serve my ass in 30 days or that slut whore mommy of yours and the whole world gets to see what a real fucking loser you are before I really fucking make you pay as they say – until death do us part.”

Leigh’s nose got less than an inch from Barry’s nose and her voice became even sterner and angrier.

“OK, let’s recap Barry. I know you’re an ignorant motherfucking loser and need to be told shit over and over again so you fucking remember. YOU have 30 fucking days from noon Monday TO SERVE ME with the goddamn divorce papers. I’ve given you grounds for mental cruelty already. That’s strike one against my ass. You’ll have plenty of grounds for physical cruelty when you pull that fucking tape off your stinking worthless body. Oh, I wish I’d be here to listen to you yell and curse my fucking name. That would be so fucking great. I’d love it. Unfortunately, I’ll deny myself that bit of marital bliss.”

She then got a great idea.

“Or would you like to fucking curse me to my face right now?”

He excitedly shook his head yes and spoke through the tape. She unmercifully ripped the tape off his mouth burning his heavy whiskers.

“JESUS CHRIST! SHIT! GODDAMN! You fucking low-life bitch! I hate your fucking goddamn whore ass. I hate you and I hate that fucking slut sitting on our bed. She taught you to be a fucking whore. Yeah, I’ll file for fucking divorce all right, and it won’t take no 30 fucking days either. I’ll make you fucking pay too. I’ll make you pay for slapping me and spitting at me and making me feel like a fucking fool. You better not”

“Fucking curse me goddamn it! Swear at me. Curse my fucking name or I’ll tape your goddamn mouth shut.”

“Fuck you Leigh. You’re nothing but a cheap ass goddamn, ruthless, conniving, sneaky, deviant, motherfucking slut whore Leigh. I fucking hate your fucking ass. Did you hear me you goddamn motherfucking bitch? I said fuck you Leigh. I fucking hate your goddamn motherfucking whore ass. I fucking hate you Leigh! I fucking hate you. Fuck you Leigh damn it. I hate every fucking bone in your fucking whore body. I hate your goddamn drunk father, whoever the fuck he is. He fucked your whore momma at that gangbang the fucking night you were conceived. I hate your stupid fucking drunk slut momma. She showed how fucking stupid she was when she didn’t fucking know enough to have you aborted. You’re a fucking goddamn asshole Leigh. The world would be better off without you Leigh. You proved you’re a fucking cheap-ass whore, just like your momma. You’re as goddamn fucked up as they are Leigh. I hope you fucking burn in goddamn fucking hell for this fucking shit Leigh. I’ll piss on your fucking grave Leigh for doing this shit to me. You are a fucking worthless goddamn bitch Leigh. You’re a fucking whore Leigh. I fucking hate you. I really fucking hate you for doing this shit to me Leigh. I’ll fucking hate you goddamn it until i fucking die. I hate every fucking thing about you Leigh. I got two fucking words for you bitch – fuck you. Wait until I get”

Leigh taped his mouth shut again but encouraged him to continue cursing her through the tape. He threatened to get even several times. Despite his constant rant, Leigh quickly summarized hers.

“OK stupid motherfucker. You’ve had your say. And you did a pretty good job of cursing at me. I’ll always remember that. At least now I know that you know that I’ve proved mental cruelty for strike one. Physical cruelty is strike two against my ass.”

Suddenly Leigh’s expression went from sadistic to a wicked smile could hardly contain. Sweetly she said, “And now for the best fucking part. This is the fucking part that I’ve been waiting for since last fucking night you stupid motherfucking loser. Here’s fucking strike three.”

Leigh turned around. Melissa spread her legs and Leigh began eating Melissa’s pussy in front of Barry. From that point she never spoke to him again. Melissa did all the talking.

“Adultery – Strike Three,” Melissa picked up the stern lecture. “You didn’t fucking know that Leigh was a pussy eater did you? She’s one of the best goddamn pussy eaters in this town. She’s eaten over two dozen pussies this month. Look at her eat … ooohhhh. Look at her eating my fucking pussy. She fucking loves eating ….. ooooohhhhh ….. loves eating pussy. She’d rather eat pussy than suck dicks. But she’s a pretty good dick sucker too. I’ve seen her suck dick. She and I have fucked, oooohhhhhh. She and I have fucked a lot of guys recently. Yeah, and after we sucked them we fucked them. Our pussies fucked a lot of cocks and our asses fucked a lot of cocks too. Then we’d fucking, Ohhhhhh yeah, keep eating me Leigh. Keep fucking eating me. Then after we fucked those guys we’d eat their cum out each other’s pussy so that the guys would get rock hard again. Then we’d swap partners and suck and fuck the guys again. Oooohhhhhh. You won’t have any problem proving adultery. The list of names is already on the kitchen counter. That will make your case easier. Listen to me you stupid motherfucking bastard. Leigh wants fucking out of this so-called fucked up marriage and she wants out right now.”

Leigh was furiously rubbing Melissa’s cunt, and playing with her 36-D tits at the same time. She inserted a couple of fingers into Melissa’s shaven twat giving her friend enough pleasure to cause her to moan seriously.

Melissa began tightening her legs around Leigh’s shoulders. She arched her back as Leigh rammed three fingers into her friend’s pussy, while her tongue was sucking for dear life on the clit. Melissa moaned into a wet climax.

“That’s it honey. Eat my twat. Show that fucking loser ex of yours what pussy eating is all about. Maybe he’ll fucking learn oooooooohhhhhhhhhh.”

Melissa exploded into Leigh’s mouth. Leigh continued eating the pussy.

“He fucking likes watching you eat pussy Leigh. The fucker just came all over himself and those worthless rings too. I hope he pisses on them. We don’t fucking care what he does anymore. ooooooohhhhhh fffuuucckkk, oooooohhhh sssshhiitt. Where was I? Oh yeah, he pissed on himself. We don’t fucking care what he does. He can fucking curse you again too. All we really fucking care about is fucking each other. Isn’t that right sweetie?”

Melissa made a final moan. Leigh began giving her a tongue bath that started at the pussy and worked its way up past her stomach, between her tits and onto her neck before ending at her mouth.

Leigh and Melissa kissed passionately, quite often so that Barry could see their tongues dancing. Leigh let out a soft moan. Then Melissa returned the tongue bath favor by working her way downward.

“Leigh, I want to eat your shaven pussy. I guess that the stupid ex-shit doesn’t realize that sexy little bitches like you and me that have a completely shaven pussy mean we love to eat pussy and love to suck and fuck cocks – both real cocks and dildos. Let me eat that shaven pussy of yours. Cum on my slut tongue.”

Melissa put on another pussy eating demonstration for Barry. He again got to see his wife reach a climax. After both women settled down, Melissa got an idea.

“You know what I’d like Leigh? Let’s use these fucking dildo’s and really fuck each other. I mean, since we have these dildos, we really don’t need a dick.”

As they fucked, Melissa and Leigh recited their devious plan to each other, specifically so Barry knew the details of how and why Leigh wanted to ask for the divorce this way. The plan had been underway for over two months, which coincided with second time he got fired after the marriage. That was the straw that broke the camels back.

They identified the men that engineered and made the wooded contraption. They made it easy for Leigh to bolt the pieces together with a screwdriver and pair of small wrench. They made it large enough so that large tape spools could pass under the upper cross bar that held his arms. They explained how and when they bought the different objects that were now in the bedroom. They explained they even rehearsed the tapings somewhere else on a much more muscular man. Barry found out that since yesterday afternoon, the bedroom closet was the final staging area.

Both women came. Leigh came first as she sat on the pillows while Melissa fucked her with a slender toy and vibrator. They exchanged positions and toys.

After Melissa came, she put on a strap-on that had a 12-inch dildo.

“Suck my cock little slut. Show that piece of ex-shit what a good cocksucker you are.”

After Leigh put on a demonstration of her cocksucking skills, she turned around and got on her knees. Melissa entered her pussy from behind. All Barry could see was cock entering her pussy. Leigh had her head turned away from him.

Another long fuck coupled with nasty talk ensued until Leigh came again. The two women exchanged positions again. Melissa put on the dildo again while she recuperated from her climax. Sitting on the edge of the bed perpendicular to Barry, Leigh inserted the strap-on in her ass, until Melissa brought her off again. Leigh enjoyed rubbing herself all over during this fucking.

The women noticed that Barry came again. That only encouraged them to continue their slut act. They used the double-headed dildo and climaxed together, sucking and licking their juices off the toy.

It was nearly noon. Both women had cum several times. Leigh quietly whispered something in Melissa’s ear. Both laughed as the whispering continued. Leigh maintained her silence toward Barry. Only Melissa spoke. Earlier in the morning Melissa took several digital pictures of Barry’s predicament. Now it was Leigh’s turn to take pictures while Melissa spoke sternly.

“OK you stupid motherfucking bastard. It’s about noon. In 48 hours, at noon on Monday, your fucking 30-day clock starts ticking. Leigh is moving in with me. She moved most of her stuff out yesterday. She don’t care what you do with all the shit that’s left in this place. Sell it so you can pay your lawyer. See, she’s even taking care of that end too. Have your lawyer serve her at my apartment, or at her new job. Did you know that yesterday she fucking quit that waitress job? Starting tonight she’s working where I work and as an erotic dancer. Everyone is going to be able to lust after every inch of her glorious naked body. And she’s going to fuck anyone she wants – a guy or a gal. Hell, use that as grounds too if you want. Our new address is already on the kitchen cabinet along with the names, addresses and phone numbers of the guys and gals she’s fucked in the last week and helped us build your cross. You’ll see it’s a long fucking list. They all know what a fucking loser you are. They wanted to help Leigh get out of this fucked up marriage. She doesn’t give a flying fuck what grounds you use, as long as you fucking serve her and end this fucking disaster of a marriage – and the sooner the better.”

While Melissa gave Barry the final instructions, Leigh brought all the other dining room chairs into the bedroom and Melissa’s clothes. Leigh placed the chairs three-abreast in between Barry and the bed.

“The slave game is over. We’re going to a fucking hotel in a few minutes. I have six very hard, cum-filled, young studs and five beautiful, sexy, love-starved bitches just waiting to fuck Leigh. She’s going to fuck herself silly all afternoon celebrating this divorce until she goes to work tonight. And she can hardly wait to eat more pussy and suck some real dick. She’s going to get fucked in the ass and the cunt at the same time, while she’s eating pussy. That’s what kind of a fucking slut she’s going to be this afternoon to celebrate her divorce.

“But she said that she wanted to be nice to you even now. She’ll free your arms and leave the knife within easy reach. But I hope you’ll do us both a small favor. When you’re yelling in pain as you pull that fucking tape off that worthless hairy body of yours, curse our names again. Curse us by name loud too. We especially want you to fucking curse us when you pull the sticky tape off that worthless thing between your goddamn legs. You know, that stupid thing you call an excuse for a fucking prick. When you pull the sticky duct tape off your prick, curse us by name with every fucking curse word you can. Fucking curse our goddamn motherfucking names to the high heavens for taping your stupid worthless prick and causing you fucking pain. When you fucking curse us by our names, you’ll be fucking doing exactly what we fucking want. You’ll be so sore that you won’t be able to fuck anyone or even jerk off for a long time. Now, because we’re both nice, we have some lovely parting gifts to close this divorce ceremony.”

“Oh Melissa, you did such a fine fucking job today with this worthless piece of ex-shit and also eating my pussy that I want you go first. You’re the fucking bitch maid of honor so you get the honors,” Leigh said while giving Melissa a long lesbian kiss so Barry could clearly see their tongues playing with each other just inches from his eyes and nose.

Several times during the kiss they actually exchanged spit so that Leigh could spit Melissa’s saliva into Barry’s face or Melissa could spit Leigh’s saliva. Then Melissa stepped up on the chairs and straddled Barry before pissing into his face. She had a morning’s worth of coffee to expel.

The girls laughed as they exchanged positions. Leigh emptied her bladder for the first time since she went to bed last night. It went on for a long time. She waited for a few minutes to be sure she was completely empty. Finally she grunted a small piece of shit onto his head. They laughed uncontrollably as the smelly liquid and solid waste permeated the room and went all over the plastic covering on the floor. They laughed even more seeing Barry cry.

“I can’t believe that you’d be able to do it, but you fucking did,” Melissa said chuckling as Leigh was getting down. “Here look at this picture. I got the turd coming out of your ass. And then there’s this one of it plopping on his fucking head. You can see the mud slide on his face. Shit, and I really mean shit. This is fucking great. It’s all the proof he’ll fucking need. There is not a judge in the world that wouldn’t grant the fucking divorce now.”

Both continued laughing. As Leigh started to walk to the bathroom, Melissa stopped her.

“Now Leigh, wait just a minute. You’re the fucking whore bride at this divorce ceremony and I’m the fucking bitch maid of honor here today. Please allow me the privilege of wiping your whore ass and cleaning all the shit out.”

Leigh acted so surprised and happy because it is something she never thought about. She bent forward and spread her cheeks wide so that Barry could see everything. Melissa took the first used toilet tissue and taped it over Barry’s nose. The next piece of used toilet tissue she handed to Leigh.

“The fucking whore bride is supposed to toss her garter over her shoulder,” Melissa told Leigh as the bride tossed the tissue toward Barry’s way and cursed him. They repeated the procedure several times. They continued to insult him and often spat in his face while they listened to him curse them through the tape.

“If the fucking whore bride would like,” Melissa said, “I can remove the tape from his mouth and you can shove that piece of shit cake into his fucking mouth as he’s cursing you.”

Immediately Barry shut up and firmly held his jaw tight, knowing both women were that deviate, spiteful and vengeful enough to do just that.

“I think there is one more parting gift,” Leigh said to Melissa. “Since there is no fucking best bastard here, would the fucking bitch maid of honor please give the stupid bastard groom some fucking relief?”

Leigh removed the empty tape spool from his dick and let the symbols of marriage fall into the urine puddle on the floor while laughing wickedly. As Leigh again snapped pictures, Melissa took a very firm on grip on Barry’s dick and roughly masturbated him to orgasm while cursing him. One of the pictures showed his cum as it spouted out of the taped dick. Melissa then put the empty tape spool on his dick again but never touched the rings in the urine puddle.

“I’d like to stay here longer and shit again but there are some pussies waiting for me to eat and some hard dicks for me to fuck?” Leigh said to Melissa. “Let’s get dressed and get to them then. Besides, this fucking place is really starting to stink.”

Before dressing, the women engaged in another lesbian kiss so that Blake could see, but maintained some distance because of the bathroom tissue odor taped to his nose. Laughing most of the time, the women dressed and took more pictures. As Leigh slowly began cutting into the tape along the entire length of the 2x4 with a pocketknife, Melissa gave a stern final warning.

“Serve those goddamn papers or I won’t be able to stop this lovely little bitch’s wrath from really fucking embarrassing your worthless loser ass you goddamn motherfuckering bastard.”

Leigh dropped the closed knife directly on his dick. He yelled as the knife fell into the empty tape spool and on his soft dick. Barry struggled but finally freed his arms. Arm and arm the women walked out the door laughing wickedly at a job well done.