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Red Planet: Jean's secret

2022-07-04 00:00:03

Red Planet: Jean’s secret

In 2022 the first mission to mars started the great migration by 2122 a hundred years after the first landing thousands of people had migrated to the red planet with the promise of a new life…

Jean had not expected to see her fiend from the city in the Hub let alone in ‘the Underbelly’ she was slightly nervous that she might be caught out how much had Mica told Azura, it couldn’t be much Azura had acted normal maybe she didn’t know about the hole. The club known as the Underbelly was a huge converted warehouse on the lower leaves of the Hub, to get to the club itself one had to not only leave the walled safety of the city of first landing but descend through the twisted over crowded tunnels that served as streets and alleys. If Jean was honest she herself was surprised she had ever come here once let alone again.

Jean was also surprised with the way her friend was dressed Azura was always a pretty girl but right now she was looking sexy in her Hub style cloths and bright blue hair with matching lipstick. When Mica had brought her here she had not bothered to dress her up maybe it was because she was a little bit plumper and couldn’t fit into suck a tight black leather skirt.

After she excused herself Jean hurried towards the toilets she didn’t want to bump into Mica she wasn’t sure why since it was her that showed her the secret in the first place. She also felt overdressed again in the dark club she was wearing a common city dress she looked out of place in a club full of outlandish hairstyles black eyeliner and scantly covered bodies. Though Jean knew that through the hole what she wore didn’t mattered.

The female toilets were just as Jean remembered them two thin girls were making out in one of the cubicles with the door wide open at least Jean thought they were girls you could never be sure in a decadent hell hole like the Hub. One of the girls turned to see Jean looking at her and snarled with her mouth full of silver teeth to match the many piercing in her nose and lips. The girl slammed the cubical door closed as if to give them some privacy. Jean realised she had been staring it was probably because back in the city of first landing homosexual acts were an offence that could see you banished but since they banished their undesirables to the Hub Jean guessed there was plenty of homosexuals around. At the sinks a girl with short spikey hair was spewing up but she looked in better shape than the girl passed out on the floor.

Jean approached the last cubical the one up against the far wall and went to push on the door and saw it was locked. Damn she thought to herself though she was feeling the urge to peek through the crack in the toilet door, but she stepped back she need to get something first anyway.

The condom dispenser on the wall was almost empty Jean payed her credits and only two condoms came out the led panel flashed to out of stock, well two was better than none. Jean lent against the sink trying to look casual as other girls came and went as well as a transvestite that was clearly a male, Jean was doing her best not to stare so she turned and looked into the mirror which didn’t lift her confidence.

She was so out of place everyone was dressed in the fashion or lack of fashion of the Hub a mixture of old earth Punk and neo-gothic. Where Jean was dressed in a standard dress one would find good for going out in the city where people were more conservative, it covered the shoulders and chest and came down to the knees it was tight but to the point of being fitted as Jean had a little extra weight and didn’t like to show that off. Her hair was done in its normal straight black style and she wore her good going out boots. The sad part was that Jean had looked at herself in a mirror not two hours ago in her parent’s apartment, which was on the 40th floor of one of the glass skyscrapers under the huge dome that was the city of first landing and thought she looked beautiful. In fact her mum who thought she was going out with friends even took a photo of her at the living room window so the amazing views of the Martian landscape that was outside the dome was the backdrop. If only her mother had known she wasn’t even in the city anymore and had taken the rail transit over to the Hub.

Jean was starting to get impatient and walked back over to the cubical. Just a quick peak just to make sure there is even someone in there she thought to herself and lined her eye up to the crack in the door.

Jean wasn’t really surprised to see someone in the cubical or what they were doing. Behind the door a trashy looking blonde was on her knees her hands running up and down a large penis and Jean was just in time to see ropes of white cum shoot from the tip of the random dick and over the blondes face and into her hair. Jean’s eyes were fixed in wonder as the amount of cum shooting out on to the girl who suddenly realised her mistake.

“Son of a bitch you got it in my fucken hair” said the trash blonde who released her hold on the dick which quickly disappeared into the wall. Jean could tell the blonde was not happy at her ending and Jean quickly stepped back from the cubical door before she came charging out cursing about her night being ruined.

Jean didn’t even pause to take a breath, as soon as the blonde was out of her way she was through the door and into the cubical locking it behind her. She sighed in relief ever since Mica had brought her here she had been dreaming about it even when she was awake it was a huge distraction. All she could think about was cock or sucking cock or even fucking cock. Last time Mica had been there to help her to guide her, this was now Jeans time to shine. She quickly sat down on the toilet putting her things in the corner within reach then she started to roll up her dress and dropped her panties taking them off and leave the dress hitched up she was so horny just from the suspense she could feel her pussy getting wet.

Jean reached down with her right hand and started to run her fingers gently over her clit the tips sending shivers through her whole body. She even ran a single finger up and down her slight lightly pressing it into her opening while her eyes were fixed on the hole in the wall.

As if on cue a half rigid dick slid into her side of the wall. Jean was so excited she almost yelped as it appeared. Her left hand ran over the cock it was a good size and not even hard yet, her hand started to run up and down the shaft as she leant forward to run her tongue across the tip. She could feel the cock jerking to life as it started to get harder as she wrapped her mouth over the head of it.

Jean was so wet now she absolutely needed to get this cock inside her. First she needed to get it hard first so she stroked it faster as her tongue rolled over the head which was swelling inside her mouth.

As Jean stroked licked and sucked the cock got harder and harder it was now at full strength and Jean wanted it in her cunt as soon as she could so she tried to deep throat the dick like Mica had shown her and got it in as far as she could almost throwing up as it reached her throat she slid her mouth of the dick and was surprised when something warm hit her lips.

‘Oh no’ thought Jean as a string of cum hit her cheek and a second blast landed on her neck. This was not what Jean wanted her hand slowly let go of the cock that slid back through the hole. ‘Well that was a complete let down’ thought Jean as she tried to wipe the cum off her face with her panties.

Jean was almost upset until a second cock slide through the wall already rock hard it was thick white and hard and Jean was going to get the dick into her before she exploded from expense. Jean quickly picked up one of the condoms and removed the wrapper and slid it over the dick. She almost wondered if the guy on the other side was in total shock knowing he was about to get more than a blow job tonight.

Jean held the cock in her hand then stood up and reversed back onto it. She guided the thick dick into her pussy slightly grunting as she felt it sink into her very wet pussy. This was exactly what she wanted a thick dick stretching out her young pussy. Jean wasted no time and started bucking backwards and forwards onto the cock, one hand bracing herself against the opposite wall the other rubbing like crazy on her clit.

“fuck yesss” she moaned as she built up speed slamming hard onto the ridged dick.

Jean was almost feeling dizzy from ecstasy as she felt her bare arse hitting the cold wall and her fingers rubbing her clit. The random cock was doing a good job it filled her well in fact it was almost perfect.

Backwards and forward she moved slamming as hard into the dick as she could. She pushed hard back her arse against the wall to take a quick break when she felt the dick start to move as the man on the other side started to slam into her as she stayed in place.

“ohhhh Fuck yes” she screamed not caring if everyone in the female toilets could hear her getting fucked hard by the random dick.

Her body started to shake and her legs collapsed from under her as an orgasm rocked her body. The dick slid back through the wall, as she collapsed onto the floor panting for breath. Jean looked over to the hole to see the cock half re-emerge without the condom she moved back over to it only to realise the guy was jacking himself off and within a split second cum shot out over her hitting her hair and face some even dripping onto her dress. Jean would have been angry had she not just been fucked to perfection.

Jean lent back covered in cum as she tried to get her breath back when a new dick appeared through the hole this one wasn’t as big and Jean figured she would not waste the second condom on this one plus she was still recovering from her orgasm.

Jean’s hands reached up and started to jack the third cock off she even spat on the dick for lube so her hands could work it easier. As the dick wasn’t to big Jean decided to give deep throating a go again and slowly wrapped her lips around the dick and worked her way down the shaft. She almost got all the way down the dick as it was much smaller than the first one. Soon she was working her mouth up and down the cock leaving trails of saliva all over the shaft and head. Jean realised she must look like a real slut covered in cum giving a sloppy blow job to yet another stranger.

Maybe Jean was really a cock hungry slut the thought of her being a slut was turning her on again she even thought about taking this dick in her pussy but she only had one more condom left so she dealt with herself. Jean started to push two of her own fingers into her freshly fucked pussy as she sucked the dick for all it was worth.

As Jean moved her mouth as far down the dick as she could get the stranger unloaded his cum into her throat forcing her to gag and pull back. Cum leaking out of her mouth as more hit her face. Jean gasped for breath as she watched yet another dick enter the hole but this one was different.

For starters it was black and it was the biggest dick she had ever seen bigger than the huge dick she had seen Mica fuck when she was teaching Jean. Jean sprung right at it running her hands up and down the shaft feeling it twitch slightly at her touch. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft then tried to fit the head into her mouth realising she could barely take a quarter of the monster in her mouth.

‘ohhh fuck’ she thought as she ran her hand up and down the shiny shaft. ‘I’ve so got to fuck this’ she said to herself. Jean scrambled for the last condom and tore the packet within a split second the condom itself flew out of the packet and into the toilet bowl.

“Fuck” she cursed.

Jean leaned forward and asked through the hole if the mystery cocks owner had a condom he replied in a muffled voice from the other side of the wall that he did not Jean realised she was very upset.

“Just bare back me girl” said the muffled voice from the other side of the wall

Jean realised she was considering it her mind flashed to when Mica had brought her here she had said ‘never fuck without a condom if you are desperate and horny take them in your arse’ Mica had even taken a cock in her arse that night but somehow Jean believed anal sex was not the option right now, this black cock was huge and she very much doubted she could get a cock that size in her virgin arse.

Fuck it she thought to herself she would probably not get a chance like this again.

“You have to pull out you can’t cum in me Okay?” she stated as she stroked the ridged monster cock.
“Okay baby” replied the muffled voice.

Jean stood back up and put one foot on the toilet bowel so she could reach between her legs and guide the ridiculously long dick into her waiting pussy. She felt the fat head start to part her pussy lips she realised it might be a mistake as she had only fucked a few cocks in her life and not one was near as big as this one.

The monster cock pressed forward she gritted her teeth as it entered her slowly stretching her to a limit she did not think possible. Jean let out a small yelp as the head popped into her tight young pussy. Even her pussy juices did little to lubricate her for such a monster it was almost like she was losing her virginity all over again in fact she felt like she was tearing in half as the bare cock slid into her deeper.

“oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” she groaned as it filled her tiny pussy to the point of splitting her in half. The man on the other side of the wall was starting to move his monster cock in and out of her using slow short movement sinking deeper every with every movement.

Jean was feeling a mixture of pleasure and pain as her pussy was stretched out by the strangers cock. She was also feeling the sensation of a bare cock in her for the first time and she realised why it was so much better it felt raw and it felt risky. She was getting turned on by the sensation as much as the thought of taking a strangers un-protected cock in her cunt.

The stranger was so deep in her now and the slow movements of his cock in her where sending her over the edge she was almost biting her arm as she felt herself cum hard. Jeans orgasm made her whole body shake as she struggled to stay standing but the cock had not stopped moving in fact he was starting to thrust harder. Jean’s mind was in turmoil, should she pull off him and jack him off onto her or should she keep fucking him? What if he came in her he was so deep in her.

The decision was taken away from her as he thrust into deeper than any cock before and stayed fixed in her and for the first time in her life she felt a mans hot cum filling her not just filling her but leaking out of her. There was so much it was already running down her legs out of her stretched out cunt. She was in shock even as the cock slide out of her and back through the hole in the wall Jean could not move. Her eyes were wide in shock her head racing trying to figure out what to do ‘fuck’ she said quickly trying to look through the hole for her random lover.

“hey wait’ she called as she saw him pulling up his jeans. But her stud was already leaving.
“NO WAIT” she called into the hole
“Please… don’t go” she started to sob as she watched him silently leaving the male cubical.
Jean was left on her knees sobbing as the male cubical door slammed closed.

as always id love to know what you guys are thinking let me know what you like what you do not like what you would like to see.