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Submissive Mom_(1)

2022-05-19 00:00:04

Submissive Mom:

Joyce was a 47-year-old wife, he two kids were grown and living in cities hundreds of miles away. Fred her husband of 25 years was a sales executive with an international clothing. He was gone several times a year to the far east for months at a time.

Over the years Joyce had put on a few pounds, she was still a hot wife with red hair, a curvy ass and 38d breasts.

She always been a quiet person who needed someone to draw into a conversation as she wasn’t comfortable starting a conversation with strangers


It was Thursday, she had gone to the local food store to get a few things as Fred was leaving for China that evening on a midnight flight. As she was walking around the store, she noticed a large black kid with bulging muscles eyeing her.

She smiled at herself that she could turn a young man’s head. As she turned the corner the man with the muscles was loading a shelf in front of her, as she walked by, he smiled at her. “Hello beautiful, what’s your name”? She stopped gave him a big smile, “I’m Joyce, you are”? “I’m Calvin but my friends call me big guy”


Her eyes opened a bit, but she just smiled, “well it was nice talking to you, I’ve got to finish shopping now”. As she walked away, swinging her hips a bit more then she needed to she could feel his eyes watching every movement.

Finished shopping she headed to the parking lot, as she got to the car and was opening the hatch back Calvin was standing next to her. “ Joyce your beautiful, you have an amazing body I can’t get you out of my mind”, he handed her a slip of paper if you want us to get to know each other call me, please soon I really would love it”.

She was stunned by the advance, flattered but stunned he was very young probably no more the 18 or 19. He walked away before she could respond, she giggled to herself stuck the paper in her bag and drove home.

Fred was in the bedroom packing as she unloaded the packages and put them away. She excited that another man had been so interested in her, her pussy was wet, she had a craving to fuck. She walked in the bedroom got behind Fred she reached around him to squeeze his cock. He jumped, “stop it I have to be out of here by 3 to make the flight and get through security”.

Dam she thought, “do you want something to eat first? No, I’ll eat at the airport”. Besides being pissed at Fred she was starting to think about Calvin.

40 minutes later Fred left she would be alone for at least 3 months; her thoughts went back to Calvin. He had a great body from what she could see but he was black. She wondered if all the stories about black men’s cocks was true. She was torn she wanted some companionship but he’s black kept going through her mind.

After a while she change into short and a tee, she got to the kitchen and made herself a strong vodka and tonic. After her third drink she got her bag took the piece of paper out, it said Calvin Big Guy a phone number and written on the back was you have a great body. Now she thought my god an 18 or 19-year-old hitting on me and I’m enjoying it.

She grabbed her phone and dialed the number; it rang twice then she hung it up. My god what am I thinking I can’t do this! 30 seconds later her phone rang the call id said big guy she shivered and answered.

“Hello, Hi Joyce big guy here I’m thrilled you called I’ve had you on my mind all day. Well I’ve thought about you as well, how about we get together tonight”? She thought going out with him might be inappropriate, but it would be a harmless drink and a little flirting, “ok where and when”? He hesitated for a few seconds then responded, “I live about three blocks from the store, I have a studio apartment overlooking the river why not come over here”.

She didn’t hesitate in responding, give me the address I’ll be there in an hour. I’ll text you the address see you soon gorgeous”. The line went dead a moment later his address appeared. She want to her room took a shower fixed her hair and makeup, now a pair of pink French cut panties with matching bra in pink. She put on a pair of leggings which if wasn’t carful would show a camel toe, now a long flowing top low cut to show her ample cleavage and just long enough to cover her crotch.

As she headed to get her car keys, she saw her reflection in the full-length mirror, she thought your hot girl. Keys in hand she headed for Calvin’s apartment. On the drive she had butterflies in her stomach, she was nervous and excited.

As she turned into the apartment complex, she was surprised it was upscale to say the least. After parking she entered the lobby and headed for the elevator. She exited on the 5th floor and headed for the unit number, she paused at the door for a second then knocked. He whole body jumped as the door opened, Calvin was standing there in what looked like boxer shorts and a cut off tee shirt. “Hi Joyce, I’m glad you’re here”, she was shocked as he took her hand so he could guide her into the apartment. “My god Joyce you look fantastic”, then without warning he wrapped his arms around her pressed his lips to hers she opened her mouth as their tongues danced in her mouth.

Being caught totally off guard she responded by pushing her pussy mound into his crotch as his hands cradled her ass cheeks. She could feel a very large bulge in his groin which seemed to be growing by the second.

When the kiss finally ended, she was panting, she was flushed with fear and excitement. Her pussy was tingling and wet her nipples were hard as rocks. “Calvin, I think we may have gotten off with this a little faster than I anticipated”, before she could say another word, he pulled her into the living room where his bed was open.

“Look Joyce since I saw you today I knew I have to have you, you’ve got a fantastic body, so it’s really easy take off the top and leggings get on the bed I’ll make us a drink so we can talk or turn around and leave”! She stood there with her mouth open finally she spoke, “I’m not that kind of girl Calvin, Joyce every woman is that kind of girl so decide what you want”.

She was now trembling from either anger or excitement she wasn’t sure of what she should do, Calvin had walked into the kitchen to start making drinks. “What do you drink”? She was still amazed at his boldness, but she was completely turned on by it as well she realized he was already dominating her. “Vodka and tonic please, well if you’re staying to have a drink lose the top and leggings”.

Her pussy was wet and tingling her nipples were hard as stones she was torn, what to do. “Calvin can we just talk”? Calvin came back with their drinks he had a strange look on his face. “Joyce get down to your underwear get on the bed now or frankly get the fuck out”! He tone was authoritarian, she seemed compelled to comply, “ok ok don’t get angry”.

She immediately started removing her top and leggings, off came the heels she was standing in front of a stranger in bra, panties and stockings. “Do you like the look”? she asked with a coy smile. His smile told her he approved, “yes now get on the bed get comfortable and I’ll hand you your drink”.

She placed two pillows under her back she was comfortable as she reached for her drink. She noticed a very large bulge in his boxers this may be the biggest cock she’d ever seen. He realized she was staring at his cock, he climbed on the bed next to her he took a sip of his drink they both just sat there looking at each other. “Joyce would you like to see my cock”? She wanted to see it, but she was scared things were moving way to fast, she hesitated “Calvin things are moving way too fast for me”.

Without warning he raised his hand and slapped her hard across her face it stung like hell, “do you want to see my cock”? Her eyes were watering, she received a second slap harder than the first. She looked down at the bulge she quietly said “yes”. “I didn’t hear you Joyce, say it loud enough so I can hear you”. She leaned back, “yes I’d like to see your cock”.

Calvin smiled at her” ok but since you needed to be punished first you will take it out and kiss it lovingly do you understand”? She was staring directly into his eyes, “I really don’t like sucking cock” was all she got out before she received another slap to the face. “Bitch I told you to take my cock out now start kissing it and sucking it from now on you are a black cock cocksucker”! As her eyes watered, she bent down removing his cock from his boxers she was under his influence.

She gasped it had to be 10 inches or more it was fat and veined she had never seen anything that big. She started sucking the monster it started to grow larger and got hard all she could think of was my god if he tries to put that thing in my he’ll stretch me out beyond belief.

He pulled her of his cock “Joyce get the bra off” this time there was no hesitation as her tits came into view it was apparent, she was excited as her nipples were rock hard. Without being told she went back down and started sucking his cock again, he grabbed her nipples and worked them roughly pinching and squeezing them which caused her pussy to het wetter.

He kept forcing his cock deeper into her throat she was amazed as her throat was opening to accommodate the large cock, suddenly he pulled her head back so only the head was in her mouth. He grunted as his hands held her head firmly, she started experienced cum flowing into her mouth and down her throat, she started swallowing quickly but because of the volume some leaked out of the sides of her mouth. She was amazed as he filled her mouth three times the first load, she swallowed completely the second and third she swallowed but some was on her chin and tits


“Don’t swallow the last load yet I want to get a picture of your mouth full of cum and cum on your tits and face”. She opened her mouth as he took at least 6 pictures, “now swallow it”, she swallowed every drop this was the first time in her life she had swallowed cum she was surprised as where she thought it was slimy it wasn’t bad tasting.

“Well in a few weeks you’re going to be a great black cock sucking cum slut I’m sure you’ll enjoy that”? She sat there looking at him, a small cute smile crossed her face she was going to be a cum slut. “Now because you let some cum dribble out, you’re going to get a spanking before I fuck you, take off the panties roll over and stick your ass up”.

Joyce was extremely turned on but a spanking she started to say something, he roller her on her stomach, he pushed the weight of his body on her to hold her down then she felt the first whack to her butt, it stung like hell another whack to the other cheek. After the six whack she was crying, “please stop Cal”! He thought about it for a minute, “ok Joyce first tell me how you will never allow cum out of your mouth unless I tell you to do it, then ask me to please fuck you and before I fuck you, you will take your panties off and ask for one more whack to each cheek”.

Joyce’s pussy was on fire her ass stung badly but she really wanted his cock, she felt to weight of his body move off her, “Calvin baby I’ll never waste any of your cum you put in my mouth unless you tell me to I really would love your big black cock in me but please give my ass a couple of whacks because I really need it”. Calvin smiled at her she sat up pulled her panties down got on all fours wiggled her ass and waited.

The next two whacks were the hardest he had given her strangely she enjoyed it, she rolled over smiled and gave him a big spread. As his giant cock head entered her pussy, she realized he was huge if he fucked her on a regular basis, she would be stretched to accommodate him not her husband.

As he want deep into her, her body was reacting she had never experienced, the sensation of this large cock going deeper than anyone had ever gone caused her to have the first of many orgasms. “Oh, Cal it feels so fucken good oh baby I’m cummmmmmmmmming, ugh, ugh, ugh was the only sound she could make. He kept up a steady rhythm, suddenly she felt him push deeper the head of his cock entered her womb. “Ugh, ugh, ohhhhhhhhhh my fucken godddddd her entire body shook from the intensity of her next orgasm.

With the large cock deep in her womb she was in a state of sexual high she had never experienced suddenly his body stiffen, “oh Cal don’t cummmmmmmmmmmmm in” was all that she got out as another violent orgasm over took her as he started pumping what felt like a quart of cum flowing into her womb. He looked down at her they both had big smiles on their faces. She looked up at him “that was the most incredible sexual experience of my life honey, got enough for another go”?

Cal shoved his sloppy semi hard cock back in her, her eyes rolled as she knew this time would be more intense as his cock was deep in her womb already. “Baby take your time I need this badly”, Cal pumped her for at least 10 minutes she had three orgasms before he looked at her with a devilish smile. “Ready babe? She was moaning is ecstasy “yessssssssss oh babe fuckkkkkkkkkkk” he started to pump another large load of cum deep in her womb.

He rolled off her, Joyce had a smile across her face which said I’ve been fucked great. Cal was smiling as well. “Joyce smile” he said “I want to take pictures of your pussy leaking cum” without thinking she gave a big smile. Fear then flashed across her face “Cal please don’t photograph me, to late doll you are my cum slut so get used to having your picture take.

She started crying, Cal grabbed her hair, “Joyce I want my cock ball sack and ass cleaned by your tongue get to work, I’ve never done that before I’m”. She was cut off by a very hard slap in the face he grabbed the paddle lifted her legs and she felt the sting of the paddle on her already sore ass four very hard whacks were all it took she was now crying uncontrollably. Without a word she went to work cleaning his sloppy cock.

Ten minutes later she look at him “have I done a good job? Yes, I think I’m going to fuck your ass before we get some rest”. Her eyes shot open she was about to protest but the thought more spanking was more then she could bear. She smiled and resigned herself to what he was going to do to her.

As the head of his large cock slipped into her ass, she could not believe the sensation, it felt like she was being torn apart but gradually the deeper he went the pain was replaced with a sensation she had never experienced before. She had the first of several small orgasms with a cock in her ass. She heard Cal grunt as she felt warm cum flowing into her bowels.

He withdrew his cock from her ass with a plop, she immediately went to work sucking and cleaning this wonderful tool of his. After a while she rose as she need to go to the bathroom, “hold it Joyce smile for the photo”. She gave him a big smile stuck her ass out, so the photo showed her leaking from both holes and headed to the bathroom.

When she came out Calvin was seated in the kitchen naked, she was leaking cum from both holes, so she went to get her panties but decided to ask first. “Cal honey I’m leaking quite a lot is it ok to put my panties on”? He smiled at her, “sure babe I don’t want cum stains on my floor”.

“Joyce how do feel about being a cum slut”? She giggled at the question, “well to be honest I’ve never felt this good in my life, I’ll probably be walking funny for a few days but I’m good with it, I hope you liked my pussy and butt, very much and I plan on using them often an having several friends try it”. She gave him a quizzical look but said nothing.

She left the apartment at 2:30 am after having been fucked twice more. She was humming to a song on the radio a glob of cum oozed out of her pussy she giggled.