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The therapist

2022-01-21 02:00:03

My wife and I were going through a bad time. I met her when seven years ago when she was working as a prostitute in Cape Town, and I was working as an IT consultant travelling the world and living in Moscow. She was my regular girl in Cape Town when I was there on business. She told me she had a medical condition that stopped here getting pregnant, and then she did get pregnant. I decided to support her, but I resented her because at 50 I wasn't planning on having any more kids. So I decided that although I would keep her, I wasn't going to let her change my lifestyle. So the affairs with other women continued while I was away. My attitude was I support you and the kids, but while I'm away, my life is my own. We even had a second kid (anything to keep her happy, right?).

By this time in Moscow, I had a long term relationship with a lovely school teacher my age. Safira found out about it and went ballistic. Anyway, as time went on, we moved to France and got an apartment. I was enjoying family life in France the kids are beautiful, and we were getting on well in and out of the bedroom. We were having trouble getting a visa for her she's from the Congo, so we decided to get married (we were already living as man and wife). My school teacher in Moscow immediately dumped but still agreed to run my business in Moscow for me.

Once married everything changed, Safira decided that now we were married everything I owned was hers. Her behaviour got more and more extreme, and when I just decided to ride it out instead of leaving this only made her more and more emboldened, violent and unreasonable.

Working with my Russian school teacher didn't help things, and the accusation would regularly fly until our sex life became mundane and boring and relationship more and more toxic.

We decided to have therapy. The Therapist had treated Safira for depression previously, and it was obvious whose side she was on when she called me an "asshole" five minutes into the session. She was a slim woman early to mid-thirties. Very slow and measured in her demeanour, she wore black trousers and a nice blouse with her long black hair pushed back over her ears with her glasses, she came across as very strict and professional. The session was a bit of shit show, to be honest. It was clear that Safira thought I was still having my affair with Svetlana, that I had hid 100,000 s of pounds hidden away in Russian bank accounts and that everything she was doing, was justified. She was also convinced that my affair had carried on up until a month ago when it had been over from the minute I'd married Safira. I really hadn't had a chance to put my side of things across at all, but there was nobody in that room listening to me anyway.

So things went from bad to worse. The blow jobs stopped and Safira, who had always slept topless and walked around the house with her tits out, now covered up. When we did have sex, she kept her bra on, and although she did get quite wet, she never showed any enthusiasm regarding our lovemaking. She's always had a very nice tight pussy which my average-sized cock fitted very nicely. But she would also do her best to belittle me daily, spending hours chatting on the phone to god knows who and spending her housekeeping money on god knows what leaving the bills unpaid and the fridge empty. It all came to a head when she suggested she was going to go back to sex work. I told her no wife of mine was going to do that, and if she did, I was leaving. Can you imagine you spend 4000 Euros a month on providing a living for a woman who won't even let you see her tits or suck your cock, while she is giving all that away for 200 euros to some stranger?

I decided to leave but thought the best place to tell her was on neutral ground with a professional witness. I would get a divorce get a house near the old family place and get joint custody of the kids.

I contacted our Therapist and told her we needed another session that I was thinking of leaving if things didn't improve. I also gave her some proper background so she could prepare. I detailed Safira's violence, financial impropriety, personal insults and sexual slights. I also pointed out there had been no infidelity on my part since our marriage, a period where Safira's behaviour had declined the most.

We arrived for the session, and the Therapist greeted us in the professional manner you'd expect from an accountant or a lawyer. She was dressed nicely, white top floral skirt hair pinned behind her ears, glasses on. We sat down, and the session began.

I started with "Safira things have not been going well lately, and I think that it's time.." The Therapist cut me off. "Let's not come to any conclusions at this point; it's important that you both understand each others position before you come to any conclusions."

Hmm OK, I thought. So I went through the list, the bossiness, the money problems, the attempts to belittle me the violence and the sexual issues. Safira's response to all of it was that I deserved all I got and was lucky to have her. The Therapist asked me what bothered me the most. I told her it was a silly thing, but I found Safira hiding her body from me and especially her breasts to be the most insulting thing. Safira shot back that I had called them "saggy" so why did I want to see them so much. I countered that it ruined our entire sex life and was a big part of the reason she no longer orgasmed during sex.

The Therapist asked, "so you still have sex?".

"Up until recently", I replied.

"And you think access to your wife's breasts is what stopping her orgasming?"

"It's because you're a fat cheating liar", Safira, interjected.

"Why do you think that it stops her orgasming, Nick?" The Therapist continued.

"I would always suck and play with her nipples during sex; she used to orgasm all the time," I responded.

"All the time?" asked the Doctor.

"Yes, we'd always start with mutual masturbation during... Look, do I have to use the medical terms?". I asked.

"We shouldn't be fucking talking about this here; I'm not comfortable with this conversation it's personal.", Interrupted Safira.

What happened next really surprised me I was expecting the Therapist to tell us that we should move away from the topic as it made one of us uncomfortable. But no.

"I'm sorry, Safira, but it's central to your problems with Nick. At our first meeting, you didn't tell me about your treatment of him, the violence, the fact that you were a sex worker or that his affair had long since ended. You're still punishing him despite the fact he's made some fairly significant changes on your behalf.

"He deserves it after what he did to me", Safira lashed out.

"That may be so," said the Therapist "but if you want (and I'm not saying that you should want) but if you want it to continue, the relationship will break down if you don't make some changes yourself."

"What for he stays with me anyway?" snarled Safira.

"What's your opinion of your sex life together?" Asked the doctor

"It's always the same old thing " Safira sighed.

"Well if all that on the menu is bread and cheese, what do you expect?" I retorted she wasn't going to blame me for this!!

"OK, let's try and get to the root of the problem. Nick carry on with your issues. Use whatever words you feel comfortable. As a psychologist, the words you use, give me insight into where you are emotionally, so please use the words you deem appropriate."

"OK Doctor. Well, I have to initiate sex if I want it." I complained

"Is that an issue for you ?" she asked.

"It is, it's all part of her power game. "

"Safira is that true?" the Doctor asked.

"Why should I beg that fat old man for sex, when I don't even need it?"

"So I can count that as a yes then?" she asked rhetorically. "Nick, please carry on."

"Sorry so usually she's laying on her edge of the bed. I shuffle across and spoon her. After a while, I'll start kissing her neck and rubbing her belly."

"Sounds nice go on."

"Well if she doesn't object, I kiss her on the mouth and start rubbing her Pussy..."

"Yes yes rubbing her labia, good. Over or under her underwear."

"Over at first Doctor, and then inside her knickers."

"And how long does this for play go on for?" Enquired the Therapist adjusting her glasses.

"Well that's a couple of minutes, then I remove her knickers."

"Does she let you do this easily?"

"Yes, most times?"

"It's the one thing I like; the part where he pulls my pants off. It's all downhill from then on." offered Safira.

"Hmm carry on Nick if you please." the Doctor sounded a little too eager to hear the rest, but I'd started.

"OK so she rolls on her back, and I part her labia running my fingers up and down her slit. I check how wet she is. I keep doing this until she's wet enough to slide a finger inside her easily. When that happens, I finger her alternating from her G-spot to her clit."

"Safira do you enjoy this part?" asked the Doctor

Reluctantly Safira answered, "I do, but it used to get me very close to orgasm, sometimes I'd actually cum, not any more."

"See" I yelled triumphantly "that's what I'm talking about. I used to finger her pussy and rub her clit while sucking and chewing her nipples. Now she won't let me go near her tits. Then blames me when she doesn't cum."

The Doctor changed her position in her chair. Her legs were spread a little wider, and tiny beads of sweat were forming on her forehead.

"Can you show me what you do?" The Doctor asked

I kind of nervously got behind Safira on the couch and fully clothed, pretend rubbed her belly and then put my hands near her pussy and said "I do this and then I do that" while making fingering motions a couple of inches away from her fully clothed vagina. Although it was embarrassing and wildly inappropriate, I did find my cock hardening in my trousers. Both Safira and I burst out laughing.

The Doctor cracked a rare smile as well. I'd only seen her "you're an arsehole" smirk so far.

"No," she said "I've found it very useful with other patients to see how they really interact in the bedroom. You could film yourselves at home, but it's much easier for me to see what's happening in person."

"You want us to have sex in front of you?" I asked a little bewildered.

"No fucking way" Safira blurted out

"No, not necessarily." The Doctor answered, ignoring Safira's outburst, " I want to see how you interact intimately. I can then assess your emotional attachment and sexual technique. I can then give you exercises to improve your technique. Look" she carried on, "We can ask questions all day, but the fact remains it's just a more accurate way of assessing a couple than simply relying on what they tell me. Especially when talking about sex people get nervous and then lie."

I sighed "Safira is punishing me, there's nothing wrong with my technique, we don't need to fuck in front of strangers."

"Is this a recognised medical procedure", Safira asked interestedly.

She always held medical professionals in very high regard. If a doctor was doing it for "medical" reasons, she saw no reason to resist.

"Nick, I think you're worried that your sexual technique will be deemed inadequate, but how do we fix it without the right advice and proper medical procedure." Safira continued.

"I'm a professional Nick, and this is just the best way to diagnose the problem." affirmed our Therapist.

"I guess", I answered, feeling a little exposed.

"Good," the Therapist said assertively. "Now let's make you two comfortable. I understand sex takes place in the bedroom, and you have a large bed?"

"Yes," Safira replied.

The Therapist locked the door. And took a clean duvet from a large cupboard and spread it on the floor. She also took a small camcorder from her desk drawer "For notes" she explained.

"Now how do you generally go to bed. Underwear, do you need to borrow some pj's." She enquired.

"No" Safira offered " I go to bed in a bra and panties, and he just comes to bed in his underpants."

"OK," the Doc said enthusiastically, "that's as good a place to start as any. Strip off down to your underwear and lay on the bed. Stay on top of the duvet, so I can see what's going on."

We both did as instructed stripping down to our underwear as she filmed us with the camcorder and recorded voice notes.

"OK, so we have an interracial couple white European male and Black African female. Male is 56 and overweight. Female is 36 in good shape. Can I just see your penis for the record?"

I lowered the front of my underpants to show her my erect dick.

"Penis size average, erection appears strong" she spoke confidently into the camcorder.

She placed a stool at the end of the duvet and sat down with the video camera.

"Right lay down on the duvet together and male partner, make your usual approach please."

We both lay down with Safira facing away from me. I shuffled up behind her as I usually did, pushing my erection against her bum crack. Then I reached an arm over her and placed it across her chest.

"I thought there was no breast play allowed?"

"No, there isn't he can put his forearm across my breasts above my clothes, but he can't touch them with his hands either directly or through my clothes" Safira helpfully replied.

"Thank you, carry on Male Partner."

I started to kiss Safira's neck and rub her belly her arse and her thighs with my free arm. She responded by snuggling closer and grinding against my dick.

"Foreplay is unexpectedly gentle and loving."

Safira rolled onto her back. I continued to rub her belly and her pussy through her knickers."

"Male Partner is engaging in light erotic massage at the moment. The female partner is silent. Possible power play by the female partner in progress."

Safira's eyes were securely shut, but I looked down at our seated camcorder wielding Therapist. The Therapist, while filming with one hand, removed her knickers with the other, pressed a single finger to her lips, in the shush gesture. She then placed her freehand up her skirt and started masturbating. I returned the favour by tugging down Safira's knickers. Safira raised her hips to let me remove her pants. I tossed them to one side and started to probe my wife's vagina with my fingers.

"Male Partner is now gently masturbating the female. Spreading her labia and stimulating her clitoris and the entrance to her vagina. The female's reaction is somewhat muted, and she's making no effort to reciprocate."

The Therapist had now left her seat and brought camcorder close to my wife's vagina. I continued my work, inserting a finger to stimulate her G-spot and then rubbing the tips of two fingers across her clitty. Our Doctor continued to masturbate. Her skirt had ridden up around the top of her thighs, and I could see her shaved pussy with its glistening slit being worked on by her slender fingers as she continued to film and take notes.

"Close up analysis, show's good rhythm and pressure on the clitoris. The vagina is visibly moist. The male is adhering to boundaries and not sucking or licking the female's breast and or nipples."

I leaned back a little to wet my fingers with pre-cum from my cock and then used it to lubricate my wife's pussy. The Therapist trained the camera on the end of my glistening cock, and must have caught the snail trail as I transferred my fingers from my cock to my wife's pussy.

"Male subject is very aroused with a good production of pre-ejaculate. Masturbation of the female has been going on for 14minutes and 35 seconds. There is no sign of orgasmic reaction from the female at this point."

Well, I thought to myself, that's long enough for anyone to cum. I climbed between my wife's legs, kissing her vagina (I heard a gasp from the Therapist as I did that) and then planting gentle kisses all the way up my wife's body, until I reached her tits which I jumped over, and started again on her shoulders and neck.

"Intimacy is still very gentle on the males part at this stage; maybe a more aggressive approach would be in order?"

I positioned my self to enter my wife's pussy. Safira reached down and positioned my cock at the entrance of her hole. I pushed in, entering the familiar wetness of her throbbing cunt.

" (sharp intake of breath), Male penis is now inside the female vagina intercourse is underway" the Doctors voice faltered, and I looked back to see here furiously rubbing her swollen clit as her orgasm overtook her.

I thrust five or six times and shot my load deep into my wife's vagina. I climbed off my wife's cum soaked cunt with my dripping cock and balls in full view of our Therapist and her camcorder.

"So Nick good job, and I see that you've cum"

"Yeah, always do" I replied jauntily.

"Safira, did you finish?" She enquired of my wife.

"No", Safira replied, "but it's OK I don't need it."

"OK but that's not going to solve the problem though is it? Safira, you're holding back participation in sex because you like the power it gives you over Nick. Nick, you're giving up on your wife's sexual pleasure because of resentment in the way she's treating. Remember, it's not over until the black lady cums!! We are not finished here."

"Nick just because you've had your orgasm doesn't mean sex has to finish if Safira is not satisfied. I find oral can be very effective for the recently err. fucked."

"But I can't lick a cunt filled with my own cum!!" I protested.

"Really? Be a man for your woman."

"I really don't want to taste male cum."

With that, our Therapist reached out a finger and wiped some of the cum from my wife's gaping slit. Safira let out a whimper.

The Doctor held it out to me and said: "Taste it!"

"I really can't." I protested again.

"Oh my god men are such pussies. Watch and learn!!"

With that, our Therapist placed her head between Safira's legs. Inhaled the smell of our fucking and began to eat the cum from my wife's pussy.

The shock on Safira's face was palpable. "What is she doing, oh god, that's it don't stop!!"

"Your turn" the Therapist ordered.

Safira yelled "No, don't stop!!

But the Therapist had withdrawn from the position and was indicating I should take over. The sight of our Doctor licking my wife's filthy cum soaked cunt had given me a raging hardon. I was turned on once again. So I set about licking that filthy cunt myself. It was just so dirty and naughty licking lumps of my own cum from my freshly fucked wife's cunt. Safira moaned with pleasure as my tongue dug deep for the last drop of cum enriched pussy juice I could find. I alternated from delving deep into her vagina with my tongue and furiously licking her clit with it.

I felt the warm breath of our Therapist on my shoulder, camcorder in hand. "Male subject shows excellent oral technique".

She then moved up to Safira's head. "Are you close my dear?" she inquired.

Safira replied "Its good, thank you, I love it. But I've never finished this way."

I continued lapping my wife's cunt for all I was worth. I was licking my young wife's filthy cunt, while our Doctor filmed. The two women were now engaged in a long passionate kiss while I just kept sucking and licking.

"Safira, I want to try something," said the Therapist breaking off from the kiss.

"Yes, whatever yes," Safira gasped.

With that, she undid Safira's bra and started to squeeze one of her nipples.

With that, Safira gasped, and a little bit of pussy juice squirted into my mouth.

"Did that work" inquired the Doctor

"It's working yes aaaahh"

OK but you need to let your husband do it.

"OK anything I need to CUM"

The Doctor took my free hand and rested it on Safira's free breast. I worked that nipple with my fingers as I buried my face into her pussy and licked for all I was worth.

"I'm cumming I'm cummm....ing" My face was soaked with Safira's cum juice as her body shuddered from one of the most intense orgasm's she'd ever had. As she came, I plunged my cock into her gaping vagina. I could feel the orgasm stroking my cock, which exploded inside her once again.

We kissed and hugged oblivious to the fact that we were in the Therapists office stark naked and covered in cum. We looked over, and the doctor skirt hitched up around her waist was masturbating furiously. As she finally orgasmed for the second time, she let out a throaty moan and created a little puddle on the floor.

The fee was supposed to 75 Euro's, but she asked for 350 for the special treatment and pointed out that we were the only one's on the video, if we did want to let the cat out of the bag. Safira never came to bed with her bra on again. And I never fucked her, without giving her at least one orgasm, ever again,