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Trixie's Big Case Chapter 6: Trixie Serves Monobo

2022-10-03 00:02:46


Chapter 6

Trixie Serves Monobo

The last two days had been the the most trying time of Agent Trixie Daniels’ short BNWO stint as a secret agent as she boarded her plane for Sacramento. For two days the dedicated black owned slut had not been allowed to even taste black cock.

To make matters worse her new case, which arose from her previous dealings with the wayward Omalley sisters, required her to review the BNWO’s file on the alleged “Clan of the White Bull”, a white breeding cult rumored to be located in a rural area near Sacramento. The file was full of pics and vids of tiny pindicked white boys torturing pussies with their inadequate little pink members.

Nothing made Trixie’s pussy drier than seeing tiny 3 and 4 inch white peepees try to pleasure women. Watching those little dicklettes slide out everytime time they tried to thrust was enough to make any white whore swear their undying fealty to BBC.

Trixie laughed out loud as she got to the picture of the “White Bull’s” so called dick. This is what the fuss is all about? Trixie asked herself as she stared at a moderately thick 6 inch white boy dick.

“6 fucking inches”, the small blonde girl gigled as she read the file, “these poor white girls….” as she contnued to review the file, noting that the legendary BNWO agent Stryker was responsible for the information. Stryker’s reputation for diligent work was well deserved it seemed.

Maybe it’s not all bad I might get to meet THE Agent Stryker, Agent Daniels thought as she closed the disgusting file and decided to take a nap till she reached her destination where she was to rendezvous with one of her favorite new friends, Tammi Omalley. Agent Daniels fell to sleep quickly hoping her fellow black cock slut had something planned for the reunion.

The plane landed with a dull thud as Trixie woke from her slumber, her skirt pulled up exposing her soaked panties to passengers and staff alike as the young blonde had been rubbing her cunt in her sleep. The flustered agent pulled it back down upon waking noting the stares she received from the other patrons and the nods of approval from almost all the white women on the plane.

Must have been dreaming about black cock again the white girl thought to herself as she stood up to leave the plane. Trixie took a few steps then a middle aged white woman grabbed her well toned arm.

Trixie stopped and looked at the woman, noticing her “Black Owned" panties, Trixie smiled at the fellow snowbunny. “I just want to thank you, for what you’re doing for us white women, and...well...women in general,” the middle aged woman said with a smile, “my daughter is planning on joining the BNWO PD as soon as she turns 18 and I just wanted to say I appreciate what girls like you go through to protect our pink pussies from deformed white boy clit-dicks”, she said her eyes full of respect and gratitude.

Have I already blown my cover?, Agent Daniels thought to herself as she gathered her things. The white girl just smiled at the woman and thanked her as well.

“Your daughter has a fine role model it seems,” said the blonde girl as she pointed to the woman’s QOS pendant. The MILF smiled and thanked the agent as Trixie waited to disembark.

Feeling proud to know a young white girl was making the right choice Trixie handed her fellow black cock slut her card and said, “Hit me up when your daughter turns 18. We have an excellent program for intelligent white girls who know their place in the BNWO. If your daughter is half as lovely as you Im sure she will be a great asset converting fellow honkies to black cock”

The older woman began to tear up and thanked Trixie profusely, “She turns 18 in 6 months. Her name is Tabitha and she’s already got her 18th bday party planned her one of my bulls”, the woman replied, “we’ll give you a call for sure.”

Trixie smiled, “ I tell you what maam, what was your name?”, asked the agent as they walked off the plane together.

“Brenda”, the attractive brunette blurted out, “Brenda Johanssen”

“If little Tabitha is really interested in a career with the BNWO I can meet with her after 18th birthday to go over her career options and review her skills”, assured the blonde agent.

“Oh thank you thank thank you!”, the supportive mother repeated as they walked towards baggage claim, “Tabitha will be so happy to hear it!"

Trixie just smiled knowing this white mother had raised an amazing daughter, “You might wanna have more than one bull on site though”, the blonde minx said as they parted ways.

“I will Agent Daniels!”, the MILF said looking at Trixie’s card, “and thank you again!” she called out as Trixie walked from baggage claim to the limo Tammi Omalley had provided to pick her up.

The trunk popped as Trixie walked to the back of the car and was greeted by and African man with a big smile on his face. Agent Daniles sized him up and thought he must be at least 6’8” and was surely packing baked on the already noticeable bulge in his trousers.

“Hello Ms Trixie my name is Monobo I will be your driver today”, the cordial man said in a thick African accent, “de mistress has given you de choice to sit up front if you’d like”, the smiling immigrant offered as he placed her bags in the trunk.

Dammit Tammi you already know me all too well Trixie thought as she slid into the front seat of the limo her pussy already moist with the thought of Monobo thick African snake, Im sure he’s uncircumcised since he’s African, the slutty white girl rationalized.Monobo closed the trunk and walked to the driver side door as Trixie watched him through the mirror, his tremendous black cock began growing with every step swinigng almost a foot out in front of his toned black body much to Trixie’s delight.

“De Mistress Tammi said I was to take care of your every want”, the athletic black man said as he sat down behind the wheel on the limo.

“Take off your pants”, the horny agent ordered, “I need to see that big African cock you have Monobo.”, she begged, her clear blue eyes wide with anticipation.

Monobo smiled, showing off his missing teeth, This man is not attractive, thought Agent Daniels noting the African’s damaged smile and ugly weathered face. But the white girl scolded almost immediately, least he aint white you silly cunt she thought as Monobo unleashed the uncut black monster in his slacks.

The big African slapped his dark manhood against the steering wheel with a THUNK! As Monobo continued to flash his crooked smile at the small white girl in the passenger seat. Trixie wasted no time, her hunger for black cock had been raging for two whole days. Two whole days where she had seen nothing but pathetic white boy penises. The blonde was overcome with her primal lust for black penis and opened her tiny mouth toes engulf the leaking purple head of this African immigrant. Despite her skills Monobo’s 10 inch uncircumcised black meat was too much for her to deep throat on her first attempt.

“GUHHH-ACK”, the skinny agent gagged as Monobo struggled to drive the limo without crashing as he enjoyed this tiny white girl serving his gigantic black member. Trixie’s sweet and slimy white girl spit was gradually sliding down his glistening dark cock down to his bloated hanging ballsack.

Agent Daniels was surprised when she noticed that Monobo’s pubic hair was gray despite his youthful demeanor. How old is this stud? The blonde thought as she continued to work her tiny mouth down the black man’s shaft stopping whenever she reached Monobo’s swollen purple head to run her soft wet pink tongue under his black foreskin scooping out all the thick precum savoring his salty taste as she continued to lube up his ebony rod.

“Yes white girl yes...suck on my beeg black deek”, the African reassured his blonde tramp as her sweet young slob dribbled down his hard black 10 incher, gathering under his swollen nuts which Trixie held firmly in her little white hands. Trixie was so close to deepthroating this big black cock, the agent had made her new priority pleasing this random black man with her tiny throat.

“BROOOOUGHGGGGGGGH!”, the blonde girls gag reflex kicked in fully expelling a large amount of spit and drool from her pretty face as she hocked up a luggie and spit the contents of her mouth onto the majestic black cock that was her sole focus in life for the time being.

Only an inch or so away from showing this African King what a white slut can really do, the little white whore thought as the used her small pale hand to spread her spit along Monobos’ ebony staff. You got this slut! She reassured herself as she held her breath for her final deep throat attempt.

“Ohhh OOHHHHH! Oh my God!”, the African driver exclaimed as the 4’11” blonde ex-cheerleader took his entire 10 inch black fuckstick to its rootss Trixie’s tiny upturned nose buried in his thick and wet grey pubes. The small woman began breathing through her little nose into the African's grey pubic mound.

“SNNNNNNFFFFFFUH”, the blonde girl’s nose made such obscene noises as she struggled to breath through her little nostrils. Trixie’s hand could feel Monobo’s big cum filled balls begin to swell and twitch. She didnt move a muscle except for her throat, which she used to massage her African kings long black fuck muscle till she could take no more and came off the black man’s cock with a “BLORP”! Her slimy white spit and Monobo’s tasty precum making a mess of the black man’s lap and the limo’s driver seat.

“Do not stop white girl I am close”, Monobo said trying his best not to wreck Tammi Omalley’s limo as this angel faced blonde whore throated his massive black rod. Trixie just continued to suck on his cock, no self respecting white whore would ever stop until her slutty stomach was full of black seed.

“BLORCH BLORCH BLORCH BLORCH”, Trixie was now deepthroating Monobos impressive black shaft with abandon his swollen nutsack welcoming her face every time her pink mouth completed its trip down the African's wet throbbing shaft.

“UNGH----UNGH----UUUUUUUNGGGHHHHH”, the big black man exclaimed as load after load of thick white cream emptied out his his heavy black balls. The determined blonde agent clamped her pretty mouth around Monobo’s big purple head and quickly swallowed every last hot jet the African shot into the back of her throat. Trixie’prided herself in not missing a drop as Monob’os black dick began deflating in her little mouth, her pink tongue cleaning his foreskin savoring every last drop of his superior black seed.

“Thank you Ms Trixie, the older black man smiled as his organ began to shink down to its flaccid state of 6.5”.Even soft this black buck is bigger than that absurd “White Bull”, Trixie laughed at the thought of a White Bull as she played with her little pussy. She had enjoyed two seperate orgasms as she sucked the African’s big smelly dick.

“Dat was de best I ave ad een days”, the black driver smiled, “evan bettah dan Ms Tammi’s”, he continued as he pulled his pants up. Trixie smiled at the compliment bu reached out to stop the black man from covering his glorious black meatstick.

“No sir…”, the horny white girl said, “we still have how long to drive?”, she asked her little hand holding Monobos’ wet trousers firmly with her dainty white digits, “i wanna suck your black dick till we get there Monobo, please dont deny me your amazing black cock sire ”, she said hungrily.

The old black driver smiled at his luck and ceased pulling up his pants las he looked over at the beautiful white girl in the passenger seat. Her mascara had run all down her sweaty face and her pink lips were swollen from working so hard on his shaft but who was he to stop this whore from having fun?

Trixie watched in dazed amusement as his blood started to return to the Afican’s impressive black hog making it once again stand to attention a full ten inches in length. The slutty agent just smiled and gathered up spit in her pink mouth, spitting out the contents onto Monobos impressive black dong and going back to work on his thick African cock.

The limo rumbled to a stop outside of the Omalley’s country home. Trixie’s head came off Monobo’s fat black cock with a “PLOP” as the horny blonde woman desperately tried to make the older African come for a 3rd time. The tiny white girl continued to rub her little pink clitoris having already cum 7 times herself.

The agent noted the gorgeous spread of land the Omalley’s called home. The gate was adorned with a giant spade emblem wi the word “Omalley” written on it but the O was a Q. Trixie was excited to see what else the place had in store. If Monobo was any indication The agent was about to have quite the night.

“Hurry now girl”, the powerful African grabbed a fist full of hair from Trixie’s little platinum head and forced her back all the way down on his prodigious black rod forcing her to gag slightly but the white girl immediately recovered her composure and bobbed her little head up and down frantically wanting to milk this bull one final time before he dropped her off like the dirty white slut she was.

“GYUCK GYUCK GYUCK”, the little pale agent’s short hair was bouncing up and down from the tip to the nuts in one smooth motion as she worked her sweet white girl spit all over the black chauffeurs granite hard cock. Her little hand pumped furiously up and down his glistening black fuck stick as it probed her white throat his heavy cum filled black balls began to slowly contract as the petite blonde was ready for get her thick salty but sweet reward.

“HUYUHHHH---UHHHHHHH---UHHHHH-UHHHH...uhhhhh”, the tall black driver lifted his skinny black ass off his seat as he dumped his fourth load of the trip into Trixie;s hungry white throat. The white agent swallowed in time with every pump, having learned Monobo’s rhythm when he comes.

“My God lital gul you sho know how to please a man”, the black driver said as he completed the drive up to the large Omalley manor. Trxie spent the last few moments with her huge black driver licking the rest of his cum off his big flaccid cock and still bloated coal colored balls. The white girl strained her little head licking his wet black nuts and even lifted his heavy black sack with her tiny pale hands to get a taste of his black anus.

“Ms Trixie!”, Monobo exclaimed as Trixie’s talented pink tongue brushed his sensitive black asshole. Trixie laughed as she wiped the mixture of blackmans cum and white girl spit from her pretty lips. As a white whore Trixie enjoyed surprising her black kings with just how much a black cock slut this little blonde was.

The car came to a stop in front of Omalley manor peeped out the window to see a welcoming party of Tammi, who was ravishing as always tall and wearing a skin tight red dress putting her milky GG white tits on display. Next to her stood an older woman, a brunette and an elegant one at that. Classically beautiful this must be Samantha Omalley, the matriarch of the family. Trixie scrambled to get her clothes back on as Monobo laughed and just stroked his still deflated black snake. “Too late now girlie”, he said as the passenger door opened and a large black man dressed in a tuxedo stood greeting the agent.

“I see you met Monobo”, Tammi laughed, her big tits bouncing with each chortle, “did you have a good ride slut? That pussy still tight?”

The strong black hands of the tuxedoed black man steadied the naked cock drunk white girl as she exited the limo. Another fit young black man appeared out of nowhere and draped a sheer robe over the small white girl as she glanced around the Manor’s driveway.

“Are you ok dear?”, asked the elegant older woman as the young agent adjusted to the light having spent the last 3 hours face down in the old African lap.

Tammi stepped forward, “Oh forgive me, Agent Daniels this is my mother Samantha, ive told her so much about you”, the redheaded tart smiled down at the shorter agent as she adjusted her see through robe. The soft material made Trixie’s nipples stand at attention and she appreciated the looks her flat chest garnered from the big black men that littered the front yard. The observant agent had already counted 8 young black studs on the lawn, “Am I in heaven?”, the tiny agent quipped out loud.

Both Omalley’s laughed, “No sweetie”, Samantha assured her as she reached her pale white hand out and stroked the nearest black bulls muscled shirtless chest, “but its damn close”, the older white woman purred as she drew her young studs thick black lips into her mouth. The two continued to kiss ignoring both Trixie and hr daughter until eventually Samantha broke the kiss and whispered in the young black man’s ear. He smiled and walked towards what looked like a pool area.

“Agent Daniels you must be tired from your trip would you like to freshen up before the pool party?”, Samantha asked.

“Yes I---uh, yeah I should freshen up...pool party you say?”, asked the skinny agent.

Tammi smiled as they walked to the house, “Yes, mother throws the best pool parties...all the boys will be invited, your Monobo will be there and my black daddy too”, the redhead teased knowing how much her fellow white slut loved older black cocks and the big door opened to the main house on the Omalley ranch.

“RUFF RUFF RUFF” came a familiar noise as Trixie and Tammi entered the main parlor. Racing toward them was Randy his muscular frame distracting attention from disgusting 3 inch white weewee. Randy came barrelling in and got a little to close for Trixie’s comfort as the athletic agent stepped to one side.

“NO!”, Tammi’s big firm hand came down on Randy’s stupid white boy face with a swift motion. The white dog yelped and cowered low beneath his mistress. “Thats’ bad Randy!”, Tammi scolded her pet wagging her long finger in his face, “We dont touch white girls until it clean up time! silly white boy...now show us your belly”

Like a trained dog the burly white boy rolled out his back showing his manly rock hard pecs and abs that culminated in his little caged white cock.

Trixie glared at Tammi She knows I dont wanna see little white boy dicks Tammi felt the heat from her friends eye daggers and grabbed her skinny arm, “Relax its funny watch this….wag your tail little white doggie...show mama you're a happy boy happy wag your tail Wandy”, the tall redhead demanded.The pathetic white boy began shaking his meaty ass which caused his tiny caged cock to waggle back and forth. His embarrassing prick was so small the movement was almost unnoticeable.

Despite her initial misgivings Trixie did chuckle slightly at the sight of this thickly muscled otherwise attractive man showing off the fatal flaw of his genetic makeup, his worthless little white pindick.

“OK enough”, Tammi said with a swift kick to Randy’s backside. To Trixie’s relief the filthy white dog yelped and crawled out of sight.

“Is that waste of skin invited to the party?”, the blonde girl asked, hoping the answer was no.

Tammi grabbed her friend’s tiny hand and looked into her eyes, “Listen girl the party is gonna be a blast. All my friends from high school wanted to get blacked at my place this summer and my black daddy and mother have set this all up...the place is gonna be crawling with black studs ready to fuck you like you---”, the tall girl stopped remembering that her tiny friend’s tight white pussy was off limits to BBC while she was on a mission. The buxom slut realized her error as her fellow black cock whores smile became a frown, “Oh I uh...I forgot babe….you will still have plenty of big black cocks to suck”, she said wiping the tears from her feloow slut’s blue eyes.

“Its just not fair”, Trixie broke down and began crying, “its just so hard like, I havent been fucked by a real man, a black man, in two whole days and now...I cant…”, the tiny blonde girl began sobbing uncontrollably then looked up at Tammi through her tear filled blue eyes, “I just want to please them...every black man I see...and I need their cocks in my pussy I---”

Tammi’s big beautiful face lit up, “Ive got it!”, she exclaimed, “would you like to be the dumpster?”, the big girl asked her blonde pal.

Trixie wiped the tears from her mascara stained eyes and sniffed up her runny nose, “Dumpster? I…”, the blonde repeated, unsure of what that was exactly.

“YES you will be our dumpster!”, the big tittied red head explained, “my friends are all coming over tonight for Ariel’s 18th birthday party. All my biggest slut friends are coming over, Traci, Stephaine, Laura and of course the birthday girl Ariel.”, Trixie listened intently, her little white pussy drooled at the thought of so many young fresh 18 year old pussies coming over to please multiple black men.

The tall slut continued, “My mom and black daddy set this all up so there will be dozens of black studs here tonight just lounging around the pool waiting for fresh white meat. Usually I pick a special slut to be the designated cum dumspter which means she can take any load she wants, except a breeder shots”, the chubby slut detailed her role

Trixie smiled, “its a breed party too?”, her tiny pussy continued to drip thinking about young white sluts getting black bred in just a few short hours. What a glorious lifelong commitment to the BNWO.

“Yep, Ariel wants a black baby for her birthday and who knows who else might get knocked up with all that black cock in the place, but you,” Tammi reached down and cupped Trixie’s little blonde head in her big freckled hands, “you can have share any girl’s facial, or lick tasty black cum off a used pussy...you even get the first taste of each and every black fuckstick involved, you’re the designated fluffer as well”, Tammi said smiling at her friends now beaming face.

The two white sluts kissed each other deeply as Trixie opened the guest room door. “Be at the pool in 30 minutes slut, you’ll find swimsuits in the dresser” the hefty redhead ordered, “and bring an appetite”. Trixie nodded and turned to walk into her room, she needed a quick shower and a fast reapplication of her makeup. Her pussy was throbbing and her big pink nipples strained against the sheer robe as the lithe blonde let i fall to the floor and stepped into the steamy shower.