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2022-08-12 00:00:03


I only have eyes for you my sweet lover.

I would fall to my knees over your grave as it rained on me crying clothes drenched wanting you back.

This I promise you I would show you so much with my Phoenix passion.

My lust for you is toxic.

My yearning for your bodice is alluring.

During a moonlight serenade we would slow dance to Old Blue Eyes.

If I lost you because I cheated on you I would kneel and beg for you to take me back.

Looking at old photos of me and you smiling and holding each other close I shed a single tear for you.

Seeing your face everyday knowing how beautiful you are and wanting to wake up to it everyday.

I can’t live without your love.

Your kisses.

Your hugs.

Your warm embraces.

Your gentle laughter.

Your smartass comebacks.

Your submissive self in bed.

Your sunrise gaze in the morning.

Every curve of your bodice.

I had a little of your love, now I’m back for more of it.

My precious moonflower.

My sultry black rose.

Both of which grow in my garden of serenity.

Your tenderness when I’m weak and unable to cope.

I’ll never be free from your spell which you’ve cast on me and that I am grateful for.

Oh my lady I’m knocking on heaven’s door wanting you so bad but denied that simple pleasure cause I am not worthy of you.

I’m foaming at the mouth with rabies cause your love pushes me to insanity and beyond.

The fights I went through to defend my love for you.

The permanent scarring I received for not leaving you.

It’s all for you because I love you so fucking bad baby.

My version of sweet pandemonium.

My everlasting joy.

My first and last for life.

All the gifts I bought you to show my affection for you it’s never enough.

But my love it’s just right for you.

Sitting here looking at candid pics of you and me from getaways long forgotten now conjured up by a single pose.

You’re my picture worth a thousand words and so much more.

The wind in my sail when I sail my boat on the lake.

My compass for which you guide me straight into your heart.

The ultimate drug for which I get high from everyday and you’re priceless.

Eyes so seductive and alluring.

Hair soft, long, silky, full.

Nose so cute and adorable.

Lips curvy and sexy and so good for kissing over and over.

Ears just right for nibbling and to wear the most expensive earrings.

Bodice toned and tanned.

Breasts round, smooth, warm, bouncy.

Nipples tight, firm, hardened to the point of exploding.

Tummy firm or baby fat just right for butterfly kissing.

Navel pierced with a little bell or a jewel dangling making you look even more tempting.

Arms slender but toned.

Hands with fingers covered with rings of all kinds.

Tattoos scattered over your bodice knowing each one has had a special kiss from me.

Thighs creamy and milky firm for children to bounce on and for me to grip on.

Hips great for children to hug upon.

Legs great in short shorts, heels, short sexy dashing dresses.

Feet and toes also holding rings and tattoos here and there so pretty.

Tongue so wet and arousing with just a flick or lick of your lips.

Ass firm, bubble shaped, and so hard not to touch.

Back smooth a couple tattoos fixed here and there also great for massaging.

Voice husky all the time but funny when your serious.

Mind sharp, smart, clever, sensual, erotic, playful, charming, silly, and most definitely full of blonde moments.

One thought of your face and I’m fiening you so bad it’s worst than AIDS.

When were apart I fall to pieces even though I’m in love with you.

It’s just the thought of being away from you and the physical aspect that eat me away.

Your secret pocket wet, warm, sticky, tight, and pulsating for me.

Draining our cell phones batteries dead just to talk and hear each other’s voices.

Spending hours on end online talking on messengers.

Teasing each other on webcam and putting our hands on the screen when were far apart showing how much we care for each other.

Having meaningless fights over silly ass bullshit then making up after.

Having a family together completing our family circle.

Growing old together in the same house in the same bed and not in a home.

Telling each other you love one another as you both pass on.

The last thought you both share: laying in the same bed the first night you met and kissed for the first time.

Reminiscing about everything you two did together.

The breakfast, lunch, and dinner dates.

The little run ins here and there.

The songs you made out to or proposed with.

Just like Full Metal Alchemist I would make a Philosophers Stone to bring you back if you were taken from me to early.

So vibrant that you make every guy and girl want you.

My wet dream minus the hairy palms.

My ultimate porno fulfilling my every fantasy.

My pin up girl in my locker that gives me hope and will to go on.

Wanting to see you through my true sight not corrected vision.

My Da Vinci Code for which I have broken over and over.

My light in the eternal darkness.

My strength for when I cannot go on.

My wisdom for better judgment.

My happiness when I am drowning in sorrow.

My entertainment for when I am bored as hell.

My joy for when I’ve run out of hope.

My prayer answered.

My calm when I’m angry.

My dream come true.

My inspiration.

My desire.

My love.

My food for when I’m hungry.

But after all this I look back and sigh.

Because now the thrill is gone.

And this is my last love poem.